2011 Formula 1 world championships will begin in Australia


The highest peak in motor sports, the F1 World Championships began in Australia from 25th to 27th March.

As for the 2011 season where the Bahrain Grand Prix which was scheduled for the first leg suddenly became unsettling because it was canceled due to concern of domestic situation and so on, it is the same as the change from 2009 to 2010, and also a significant regulation change Has been added. There were also changes that aimed at promoting overtaking (overtaking) this time, and there was a scene in which the effect was actually seen in the race race.


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All 24 cars participate in the Grand Prix. From this year's 107% rule restored to qualifying, if we could not record within 107% of car top time in the first round of qualifying, we will not be able to participate in the race, and two Hispania racing conflicts with this I can not run in the final.

As a result, the final race was battle with 22 cars. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) who started at the pole position almost finished in a pole to win without losing the lead. In second place, Luis Hamilton (McLaren) who did not change the position from 2nd position start this time also entered. Vitaly Petrov (Renault), 6th place in the third place, entered.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa are fourth and seventh, respectively, third fastest Mark Webber (Red Bull). Kobayashi Kamui (Sauber) who is participating as the only Japanese driver this season has finished in 8th place, but has been disqualified as a violation of regulations is found on the car body.

Significant changes in this term
There are some major changes in 2011 regulation.

First of all, it was not used in 2010KERSResurrection. Although this rule was available in 2010 in 2010, there was no team to adopt as FOTA organized by participating team decided not to use it. KERS can power up the machine by about 80 horsepower for less than 7 seconds at maximum, and it is used for start dash and over take.

Also, it appeared in 2010F ductWas prohibited, and DRS (variable rear wing) was introduced. The function of increasing the maximum speed by 10 km / h can be obtained when functioning, but the operation is not based on the switch, but the driver is working by covering the hole in the cockpit with a part of the knee or hand , It was banned because this is a dangerous one-handed driving. On the other hand, the DRS has almost the same effect (the speed is increased by about 10 km / h), but if there is a condition for use and the difference from the previous car at the measuring point before the last corner was less than 1 second As long as it is allowed to be used straight.

The 107% rule in the qualifying mentioned earlier also revived since 2002 season. This year, the machine with low fighting power seems to be few races that the first round of qualifying is the last run if you do not aim for the advance to the finals. By the way, in the Australian Grand Prix, Vettel's time was 1: 25.296, so the 107% line is 1: 31.265. To the contrary, the two time which could not advance to the finals was 1: 32.978 and 1: 34.293, so one second 7 has to be packed down.

Pirelli has returned to F1 for the first time in 20 years because Bridgestone withdrew from the supply of tires.

Drivers fighting the F1 World Championship in 2011
·Red Bull
The 2010 championship which became a big tieTook control ofSebastian VettelHe showed a good fightMark WebberRed Bull who is the same as last year. A bit of subtle air flowed between Vettel and Webber, but what happens this year?

2008 World Champion'sLewis HamiltonAnd 2009 World Champion'sJenson ButtonTwo of the champions are driving McLaren's machines this year too.

This is the 2005-2006 World Champion'sFernando Alonso, Missed the champion by just 1 point difference in 2008Felipe · Massa. Here is also the same combination as in 2010.

"Emperor"Michael SchumacherWhenNico RosbergCombination. Schumacher who has won the seventh champion so far, last year was roughly doubled to Rosberg at the point, it was the first year since the 1991 F1 first race the team mate had less than the annual result.

Just like last yearRobert KubicaWhenVitaly PetrovAlthough the combination was planned, Kubica who had been racing in the rally just before the start of the season was injured, so hurryNick HeidfeldWas appointed.

"Tetsujin" over 300 races involving F1 participationRubens BarrichelloAnd this year debutPastor MaldonadoA combination of veteran & rookie paintings that are called. In the Australian Grand Prix, both are retired due to trouble of the transmission system.

·Force India
Last year wasAdrian SutilWhenVitantonio LiuzziForce · India who appointed Mr. Force · originally thought that it was the same face this year, was a test driverPaul Di RastaThe decision of the driver to be decided, this year is a combination of Sutil & di Lesta. Liuzzi is participating from Hispania.

The only Japanese driver currently participating regularlyKobayashi Kamui WeiI am a member of MexicoSergio Perez. In GP2 in 2010, we will fight against Maldonado who will compete in Williams from this year, and at the same time we will play F1 debut. By the way, Telème, a telecommunications company sponsored by Sauber since this yearMexican richest man Carlos Slim Hell, who overtook Bill Gates with the ranking numberIt is a company owned by.

·Toro Rosso
Continue to 2010Sebastian BuemiWhenJaime Argeles AliAppointed. Vettel of Red Bull currently enrolled in 2007 - 2008, I have won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix, but suffering from the lack of fighting power of the machine, I finally got a lot of races to finish point competition.

Although "Lotus F1 racing" which entered from 2010 was a name, although the name was obtaining approval of use, the contents was a team not directly related to "Team · Lotus" once participating in F1. However, this year the team composition and so on remains intact, but will continue to take part in the traditional team-and-lotus. Regarding the name of the team, however, Renault has also appointed "Lotus Renault GP" (this is a group Lotus trademark right group Lotus acquired a part of Renault F1 shares) You may get up.

Like the driver last yearHeiki Kovalainen,Jarno TrulliCombination. Three teams including Lotus participated in the new competition in 2010, and although we retained good results among them, we did not reach points.

This year's driver of Hispania Racing who appointed four drivers last yearNarain KarthikeyanWhenVitantonio Liuzzi. Participating teams from 2010, Lotus and Virgin are likely to be rivals for the foreseeable future. (Also, from the tenth round of the British Grand Prix, they are newcomers on behalf of KarthikeyanDaniel RichardoAppointed)

In 2010The Virgin chairman who lost with Lotus in team ranking and was defeated became a day cabin attendant as a punishment gameVirgin Racing. This yearTimo GlockWhenJerome · DumbrosioI will serve as a driver. Also as a reserve driver for the first three racesYamamoto SakoniWe have a contract with. I do not know if I'm betting this year, but I'd like to see results that will please Richard Branson.

Race calendar
This year's calendar is as follows, 19 races will be scheduled for all in the Australian Grand Prix where the final was made from 17 o'clock local time on March 27 local time. It is also suggested to change the schedule of Bahrain GP that was canceled (June 9, officially decided to abandon). The following dates are local time notation, inside parenthesis is Japanese standard time notation.

3/27 17: 00 (3/27 15: 00) Australian Grand Prix
4/10 16: 00 (4/10 17: 00) Malaysia GP
4/17 15: 00 (4/17 16: 00) Chinese Grand Prix
5/8 15: 00 (5/8 16: 00) Turkey GP
5/22 15: 00 (5/22/21: 00) Spain GP
5/29 14: 00 (5/29 21: 00) Monaco Grand Prix
6/12 13: 00 (6/12 26: 00) Canadian GP
6/26 14: 00 (6/26 21: 00) European GP
7/13/13 (7/10/21: 00) British Grand Prix
7/24 14: 00 (7/24/21: 00) German Grand Prix
7/31 14: 00 (7/31 21: 00) Hungary GP
8/28 14: 00 (8/28 21: 00) Belgian GP
9/11 14: 00 (9/11 21: 00) Italian GP
9/25 20: 00 (9/25/21: 00) Singapore GP
10/9 15: 00 Japan GP
10/16 15: 00 Korea GP
10/30 15: 00 (10/30 18: 30) Indian GP
11/13 17: 00 (11/13 22: 00) Abu Dhabi GP
11/27 14: 00 (11/27 23: 00) Brazil GP

Does Vettel who won the first game escape the championship with this momentum or is Fernando Alonso sticking to the last minute last year to be the fourth champion, or will Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber grow? A long battle for 8 months will be held this year as well.

2011/03/28 16:21
Fixed some content. The champion of 2007Kimi Raikkonenwas. Hamilton ranked first in lap 14 - lap 16 between when Vettel pitted in and Hamilton pitted in.

· Next race
Kamauchi Kamui starts 10th place in the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship Malaysia GP

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