A movie of Nissan's electric car "NSC-2015" capable of automatic driving shooting around running around without people

Nissan's Electric Vehicle (EV) capable of autonomous driving with a vehicle remote monitoring system using 4G data communication and "NSC-2015Demonstration ofCEATEC JAPANSince it was done in, we have paid all the details to the photograph and the movie.

A huge running space appeared in the hall of Makuhari Messe.

This is an electric car "NSC-2015" that can run independently.

The base is Nissan's already marketed "Reef".

Looking from behind like this.

Participants gathering around the body and checking something.

A woman of MC started appearance demonstration.

Switching to automatic driving on a smartphone, an unmanned car runs out and runs to the vacant parking space, and the whole part of the demo that stops at the stop is seen in the following movie.

Electric car "NSC-2015" capable of autonomous driving enters the parking lot - YouTube

As expected, it seems that it has not reached the level of running on a public road and automatically driving to the destination just by sitting, but at a parking lot with a wide shopping mall, even if you go in the garage automatically Quite convenient. Especially in areas where shops in the United States and other places are expansive, it should be a function that is appreciated, so it seems that it can be expected to be put to practical use at an early stage.

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