NISSAN developping "Automatic collision avoiding system"

Hopefully, the number of car crash is getting smaller these days, though it needs more efforts. Japanese car manufacturer NISSAN is now working on it and developed a prototype car which automatically avoids collision with obstacles.

Here comes a detail.

(Japanese)NISSAN introduces the prototype of the whole direction operation support system to realise "The car won't crash"

According to this release, Nissan developed "Side Collision Prevention" "Back-up Collision Prevention" under the safety policy of "Cars protect human".

Side Collision Prevention. Sensor on the side detects cars on the next lane and warns the driver with beep sound and display. It also controls brakes on the each wheel not to go near other vehicles.

Back-up Collision Prevention. Rear and side sensors scan the obstacles around the car so to detect the approaching object. Car warns the driver and supports the operation keep distance from hazards.

System configuration. Many sensors are set in the body.

Combining "Lane Departure Prevention" and "Distance Control Assist" with those rear and side alerting system, the whole direction is now in the range.

Seems OK for now. But when that the car "automatically take us anywhere we want without an accident" will be?

This article was originally posted in Japanese at 12:21 Aug. 06, 2008.

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