It turns out that if you irradiate an automatic driving car with a laser, it is possible to misunderstand the road situation and stop suddenly

ByBecky Stern

Automatic driving car that Google and others are developing is alreadyRunning on the public roadWe are starting to collect data for practical stage, but we have found common vulnerabilities in all the automatic driving cars besides Google.

Self-driving cars can be fooled by fake cars, pedestrians and other bogus signals | Alphr

Software security companySecurity InnovationMr. Jonathan Petit, the leader of the car, becomes the "eyes" of the automatic driving carRider (LIDAR)I found a security vulnerability in the sensor. By receiving the false radio waves using the low power laser beam and the pulse generator at the rider sensor, let the illusion that other cars and pedestrians are around the automatic driving car, the car stops It is said that it is.

In the experiment conducted by Mr. Petit, first, a commercially available automatic driving carIbeo LUXMeasure the pulse emitted from the rider device. Since pulses are not encrypted, they can be easily measured. When the pulse signal obtained in this way is irradiated towards the automatic driving car, it is said that the automatic driving car misunderstood as "there are cars and pedestrians in the surroundings" and stopped and the effect is 100 meters away It is said that it is unnecessary to adjust the sighting especially.

ByLars Plougmann

Due to this vulnerability, there is a possibility that the automatic driving car mistakenly recognizes the surrounding situation and suddenly stops in the middle of the road, and if the automatic driving car and the ordinary automobile are running in mixed condition, the automatic driving car There is also the possibility of causing an accident by a sudden stop of.

In July 2015Recall of 1.4 million unitsFiat's jeep was vulnerable that there was a possibility that a car's accelerator and wiper operating system could be hacked while driving, but what we found this time is "fooling" the car system , Mr. Petit proposes to add a system that detects false objects by installing an incorrect pulse wave detector in an automatic driving car. Also, Mr. Petit says that "Google and other automated driving car development companies should incorporate encryption technology in automobiles because there is still much time before the automatic driving car starts running on the public road."

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