Why was not Tesla Model S's auto pilot able to avoid fire engines that were stopped?

An accident happened that the Tesla Model S that was running on the automatic driving function "Auto Pilot" collided from behind without being able to avoid the stopped fire engine. It is this accident that caused the big question that "Automatic driving car can not recognize stopped vehicle?", But in reality it is clear that there is an unexpected blind spot in the sensor that realizes automatic driving It is getting.

Why Tesla's Autopilot Can not See a Stopped Firetruck | WIRED

This accident occurred in California's Culver City on January 22, 2018 in the US time. The Tesla Model S, running at 65 mph (about 105 km / h), collided with a fire engine that had been dealing with the accident that happened on the highway, and the person sitting in the driver seat uses the automatic driving function He said that he revealed he was. It is unknown whether or not the brakes were applied at the time of a rear-end collision, but the model S's bonnet is half way down under the fire truck, so it seems that a certain speed has come out.

The situation at that time was also disclosed on the official Twitter account of the fire department, and it seems that there was no miraculously miraculous person according to the contents. However, I urge the driver to pay attention to "Please do not forget your attention while driving."

After accidents, a number of analyzes have been carried out on the cause, and in fact it is becoming clear that most of the systems that realize automatic driving functions including Tesla are not able to recognize stopped vehicles . Tesla has not clarified whether "auto pilot" was activated in this accident, but the owner's manual says "The cruise control function that runs while recognizing traffic can recognize all objects It is not necessarily the case that you can not find and stop the vehicle while it is stopped.This is especially when you are traveling at speeds of over 80 km / h, especially when the preceding vehicle running ahead changes the lane, It is stating in the item that it is stating that "it is prominent in".

This is also true for the automatic driving function "Pilot Assist" provided by Volvo. About this function, Volvo explains "It is useful when driving while keeping the vehicle in the lane while keeping the inter-vehicle time with the preceding car at the preselected time", and the warning message includes " It does not activate the brakes on trailers with low car height, oncoming vehicles, vehicles traveling at low speed, or on vehicles and objects that are stationary ". Volvo has stated that this function is "Pilot Assist is only a support function", and it makes clear that the judgment during driving is entrusted to the driver.

Pilot Assist *


Pilot Assist is not a collision avoidance system. If the system does not sense the vehicle traveling in the front, the driver must operate the vehicle.

Pilot Assist does not activate the brake for people, animals, or small vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles. In addition, it does not activate the brake for trailers with low height, oncoming vehicles, vehicles traveling at low speed, or on vehicles and objects that are stationary.

Pilot Assist is used when traveling in an urban area, crowded traffic conditions, junction running, running on slippery roads, road surface with many puddles, road surface covered with snow or mud, when driving in heavy rain or snow , Please do not use when visibility is bad, while winding road is running.

Actually, it is widely recognized that many of the automatic driving systems can not step on the brake by recognizing the vehicle being stopped, but in the background there is a limitation of the device that realizes the function I will. At the time of article creation, vehicles with automated driving functions on the market are equipped with radar and camera as sensors for recognizing the periphery of the car body. However, this radar is precisely recognizing "what is moving", and it is said that it can not recognize obstacles and other objects falling on the road including vehicles that are stopped.

The reason is that "the processing power of a computer is insufficient to recognize a stopped object". "If the vehicle is running, is it that almost all things captured by the radar are moving?" I think that, in fact it is a road sign, a signal, a guardrail etc installed on the road We do not recognize it, recognize only the object running in the surroundings (= moving), and recognize only the vehicle, semi-automatic driving to run ahead and run while checking the surrounding situation It is said that it realizes.

Founded for the development of automatic driving function, with VolvoAuto RibA joint venture company "Zenuity"Erik Coelingh of Mr. Erik Coelingh is required to keep balance in both" always braking when not necessary "and" not stepping on brakes when necessary "(in automatic operation) "I tell you the difficulty of judgment. Mr. Coelingh also states that the act of stepping on a sudden braking on a highway has the same danger as not braking when needed.

Aaron Ames of the California Institute of Technology Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies says about this difficulty, "The most secure scenario is" not working ", but it is impossible in driving There is a need to make appropriate predictions about "what to watch" and "what you do not have to watch out" while driving. " Raj Rajkumar, who is conducting research on automatic driving at Carnegie Mellon University, said, "Obviously the radar used by Tesla is for recognizing moving objects, like a parked vehicle I am not good at recognizing things that are not moving. "

The most promising sensor to solve this problem can accurately measure the distance to an object at a remote place by irradiating laser light on countless pulsesLIDARIt is what is called. Although development is underway, however, LIDAR is still expensive and has not reached the level that can be mounted on general-purpose cars. In addition, due to the current situation that shock resistance and weathering performance have not reached a level sufficient for practical use yet, it is a situation where loading on commercial vehicles has been suspended.

Furthermore, even if LIDAR is put into practical use, its performance is not perfect, so it is necessary to use in combination with existing sensors and cameras. Although the development of automatic driving cars is progressing at each company to realize the fully automatic operation function of so-called "level 5", in fact it is felt that the realization is very hurdley.

In the United States, it is happening that the motorcycle ride appeals GM as being involved in the accident by the automatic driving car under development. This is an accident that a man who was running on a motorcycle and "Chevrolet Volt" under test of the automatic driving function were in contact on the public road and the man fell down. As the bolt running in front of the man moved the lane, the motorcycle tried to overtake and the bolt suddenly returned to the original lane and touched, the man toppled over and suffered injuries to the neck and shoulders I was forced to take a leave of absence.

GM sued by motorcyclist injured in crash involving self-driving car - ABC News

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