Tesla wins lawsuit over crash on autopilot

It was reported that the defendant, Tesla, won the lawsuit in a trial seeking Tesla's automatic driving support system `` Autopilot '' as the cause of the accident that occurred in 2019. The trial is said to be Autopilot's first trial and could set an important precedent for Tesla's future litigation over the technology.

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This trial was filed by Justine Hsu, a resident of Los Angeles, about an accident (PDF file) that occurred while driving Tesla's Model S on autopilot in 2019. Hsu said Tesla's autopilot and airbag design was flawed, saying that the airbag deployed on impact with the curb 'fractured his jaw, broke his teeth, and damaged the nerves in his face.' He claimed and sought damages of more than $ 3 million (about 400 million yen) from Tesla.

Tesla denied responsibility for the accident, claiming that ``Hsu ignored and used the autopilot in the city, even though the manual for users warned not to use the autopilot in the city.'' .

And on Friday, April 21, 2023, the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that ``the airbag did not operate safely, nor did Tesla intentionally fail to disclose the facts.'' Downhill, damages to Mr. Hsu were not recognized, and Tesla won the lawsuit.

After the verdict, juror Mitchell Vasseur warned, ``Tesla's autopilot is never an automated driving system,'' and said that the driver's distraction was the cause in this case. 'Tesla's Autopilot provides both audible and visual warnings if the driver is not maneuvering properly, demonstrating driver responsibility,' said jury president Olivia Absher. will be done,” he commented.

Hsu's attorney, Donald Slavic, agreed with the jury's opinion that Hsu was distracted, adding that he was 'warned a second before he hit the curb.' He expressed his dissatisfaction with the verdict.

At the time of writing the article, Tesla is also pending a trial in February 2021 when Model X in autopilot mode collided with a parked police vehicle. In addition, due to a series of accidents colliding with emergency vehicles while stopped, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation has started a survey targeting Tesla's autopilot.

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