The first death accident occurred in Tesla Model S's "autopilot mode"

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On the expressway in the state of Florida, USA, Tesla's model S "semi" automatic driving function "Auto pilot modeThe National Road Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA) of the Department of Transportation announced that the driver was causing an accident while using the vehicle.

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Tesla's model S,OTAWith software update by software, it is possible to improve / add various functions, and, of course, it has the feature to say "running smart phone". We are continuously improving to aim for perfect automatic driving.Auto pilot mode"Evolution is also a program evolving by the update, at the time of article creation, assuming that the driver grasps the steering wheel," steering "steering in line with the lane (lane)," automatic Auto Lane change " Lane change "and other features are added.

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By the way, the movie of the moment the accident was prevented by model S's auto pilot mode is posted by model S user.

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It was May 7, 2016 that the accident occurred that the driver who was using Tesla's autopilot mode who had been highly evaluated with precise operability died. The highway patrol reported that the model S, a 40 - year - old man living in Ohio state on a highway on Florida Williston collided with a large trailer and the man died. As for the accident, Tesla immediately reported to NHTSA, and it turned out that the driver of the dead model S was using the autopilot mode.

According to Tesla, the cause of the accident is that the model S happened to be trapped in the track as the model S crossed the front of the model S in the vertical direction while the model S was running on the arterial road with a median strip Thing. Although the accident itself seems to have occurred in a unique situation where model S has nothing, unfortunately, because the blue sky of clear skies was the background, it was not able to recognize the body of the white trailer well and the automatic brake did not work It seems that troubles overlapped leading to a painful accident.

In response to the accident being announced by NHTSA, CEO Earlon Mask is making a mourning tweet.

In response to the accident report, Tesla is an official blog, "autopilot mode" is again a beta version, and the automatic driving function emphasizes that it is a function to assist the driver who normally grasps the steering wheel and drives normally. The auto pilot mode that is OFF in the default state is what you should use with the assumption that the driver assumes responsibility.

For Tesla's autopilot mode beta version operation, criticism has been raised from automobile manufacturers that also develop automatic driving technology. A volvo engineer who is developing an automatic driving car said, "Tesla's autopilot mode gives the impression that the machine will do every driving operation, but it is not the case.The driver is also in the auto pilot mode Many automakers working on automatic driving technologies such as Volvo and GM are testing the automatic driving function in a closed way.The automated driving function is provided to the user until the automatic driving function is completed "We are criticizing Tesla's attitude when we are testing the beta version under the responsibility of the user," he said.

With regard to the fatal accident that occurred this time, Tesla has revealed that it was the first fatal accident that occurred in autopilot mode operation for the cumulative total of 130 million miles (about 200 million kilometers). Given that the average mileage until one death accident in the US is 94 million miles (about 150 million kilometers) and the world average is 60 million miles (about 96 million meters), the autopilot The mode can not be said to be danger immediately. However, as a result of a death accident, there is a possibility that discussion about the way of development of an automatic driving car and the like may occur.

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Tesla Motors announced the release on the official website that Fortune's article posted on July 5 has an error.

Fortune's article is "It took eight weeks to report the occurrence of the accident, but during that time Tesla Motors and Eilon Mask CEO got $ 215 per share (about 21,100 yen) for a total of 2 billion dollars (about 200 billion yen ) Minutes or more, without mentioning the accident, "he pointed out. By the way, after the announcement of the accident, Tesla's stock price fell from $ 212 (about 21,400 yen) to 206 dollars (about 20,800 yen), then recovered to over $ 216 (about 21,800 yen) It is. About this matter, in Fortune, we confirmed Tesla Motors before posting the article, and it seems that Mask CEO got a reply saying "The accident was judged not to be a material affecting Tesla's stock price" from CEO.

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Meanwhile, Tesla Motors said that the person in charge of Tesla Motors headed to Florida where the accident happened was not before May 18, and the internal survey took place until the end of May. Also, Tesla submitted to the Securities and Exchange CommissionForm 10 - QAbout the fact that Fortune inquired about the phrase "if there is misuse or failure related to new technology and the behavior of the vehicle consequently hurt people or cause deaths, it can be subject to product liability" "I pulled out a fixed expression from the documents made without relation to the accident." In the first place, despite saying that I want time to confirm facts when I received an inquiry from Fortune, I dismiss Fortune, ignoring it and posting articles that could be misunderstood. By the way, for Florida 's accident, Tesla Motors claims that product liability claims have not come.

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