Elon Musk's remarks ``may have been made with deep fakes,'' Tesla's defense team claims

by Tesla Owners Club Belgium

During the trial in Santa Clara County Superior Court in California over the fatal accident involving a Tesla electric car, the defendant, Tesla, filed a statement from the plaintiff that said, He claimed that the movie' could be a deep fake. In response, the judge ordered Mr. Musk to testify under oath as to whether he actually made a specific statement.

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The lawsuit in question was related to the death of an Apple engineer in a Tesla Model X crash in 2018.

Clearly that Apple's engineer who was dissatisfied with Tesla's autopilot was killed in a model X crash - GIGAZINE

The engineer's family claims that the 'Autopilot' function of the driver assistance system Tesla was developing was a failure. On the other hand, Tesla claimed that ``the engineer was playing a game on his mobile phone before the accident and ignored the vehicle's warnings.''

In this trial, the plaintiff submitted as evidence the ``video appealing the autopilot function'' released by Tesla in 2016. The video showed Tesla's Model X driving through urban and suburban areas, stopping properly at a red light and accelerating when it turned green. You can see this movie from the following.

Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Teslas on Vimeo

In addition, the plaintiff submitted a recording in which CEO Mask said about the autopilot function, ``Model S and Model X are safer and more autonomous than humans can drive at the moment. Did.

However, regarding the remarks submitted as evidence, Musk claimed through Tesla's defense team, ``I have no memory of whether or not I made the remarks in question.'' In addition, Tesla's lawyers said, ``Like many public figures, CEO Mask is often the subject of deep fakes that are fabricated by deepfakes that are not actually said.'' questioned its credibility.

by Tesla Owners Club Belgium

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Yvette Pennypacker said, 'The allegation that Musk's fame makes him an easy target for deepfakes and that his public statements could be impunity is very troubling. 'He tentatively ordered 'Mask to testify under oath to ask if he actually said it.'

Reuters asked Mask CEO, Tesla, and the plaintiff's lawyers for comment, but it seems that there was no response at the time of writing the article.

In addition, Tesla won the lawsuit in a trial over a collision accident during autopilot that occurred in 2019, ``The lack of attention of the plaintiff who was the driver was the cause of the accident.''

Tesla wins trial over collision accident during autopilot - GIGAZINE

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