Tesla under Justice Department investigation over self-driving claims

Regarding Tesla's `` fully automatic driving function (FSD) '', the American consumer group criticized `` automatic driving is just a name '', and the danger of skipping without recognizing children in the test turned out. Safety issues are often pointed out. It was newly reported that the company was under investigation by judicial authorities over the claim that 'Tesla cars can drive automatically'.

Exclusive: Tesla faces US criminal probe over self-driving claims | Reuters

Tesla is reportedly target of DoJ criminal probe of self-driving claims

Tesla's self-driving claims are reportedly under criminal investigation - The Verge

In a report on October 25, 2022, Reuters revealed that Tesla is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for allegations related to autonomous driving. The Justice Department has launched an investigation since the end of 2021 after more than a dozen crashes, including fatal ones, have been caused by the company's Autopilot feature, according to three insiders familiar with the matter. About.

In a Tesla car, in April 2021, a Tesla Model S crashed into a tree and caught fire, causing two people to die , and in July 2022, a Tesla car crashed into the rear of a trailer. Traffic authorities have launched a special investigation.

Authorities start a special investigation due to a fatal accident in which a Tesla car plunges into the rear of a trailer - GIGAZINE

The focus of the law enforcement investigation is ``whether Tesla misled consumers, investors and regulators by making unsubstantiated claims about the capabilities of its driver-assistive technology.'' A more serious level of auditing could also be possible due to potential criminal charges against Tesla executives, the sources said.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said in 2020 that ``fully automated driving technology can be realized within the year.'' However, at the time of writing the article, Tesla's FSD remains at level 2 of the six-stage automatic driving technology, that is, ``partial automatic driving'', which is one level above the driving support function.

Mr. Musk also said at an investor briefing on the third quarter 2022 earnings report announced on October 19, ``Soon customers will be able to drive without touching the driving device,'' while saying, `` I'm not saying that no one should be in the driver's seat,' he added, emphasizing that the driver still needs to be in the driver's seat.

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