Tesla employees deny Elon Musk's statement that 'autonomous driving that surpasses humans will be realized in 2021'

'We are confident that cars will be self-driving in 2021 with greater reliability than humans,' said

Elon Musk, CEO of electric car maker Tesla , in a conference call on the January 2021 earnings announcement. Did. However, a new document released by PlainSite , an organization that seeks to achieve legal transparency, reveals that Tesla employees have denied Mr. Musk's remarks.

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Tesla has long been promoting its autonomous driving technology, and at the time of writing, some vehicles offered Level 2 autopilot capabilities. According to the level of autonomous driving developed by the American Association of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Level 2 is the stage where partial driving automation is being realized, and the system is the accelerator and brake while the driver is the main driver. It is possible to partially perform operations and handle operations. In addition, it is stipulated that it is level 4 to automate all driving operations under certain conditions, and level 5 to realize automatic driving under all conditions without restrictions.

In the past, it was reported that the Tesla Model X's autopilot feature saved a total of eight lives by sudden braking just before it hit a big tree that had fallen on the road.

Eight lives saved by Tesla Model X's autopilot feature-GIGAZINE

However, companies working on the development of self-driving cars such as General Motors, Ford, Uber, and Waymo have criticized Tesla's vehicles as 'still needing a driver.' In September 2020, the American consumer group Consumers Union released a review on the 'fully autonomous driving function (FSD)' implemented in some Tesla cars, 'Tesla's fully autonomous driving is just a name.' He points out that there are still many problems with FSD.

'Tesla's fully automated driving is just a name' evaluated by consumer reports and no value of over 800,000 yen --GIGAZINE

Tesla has been working on improving its autonomous driving capabilities since then, and in October 2020, it began distributing the 'FSD Beta' for its vehicles. The update will give drivers access to a partially automated driver assistance system, but the update was only delivered on a testing platform to fix software bugs.

According to a California Department of Motor Vehicles document published by PlainSite, as of March 9, 2021, 753 Tesla employees and 71 are participating in the FSD beta pilot program. There are only a total of 824 vehicles, including non-employees. 'We're going very slowly and cautiously,' Musk said of the FSD update delivery, saying the driver still had to grab the steering wheel and be ready to take control of the vehicle.

On the other hand, Mr. Musk remains bullish on the realization of fully autonomous driving in Tesla vehicles. In a conference call on the announcement of financial results in January 2021, he commented to investors, 'I am strongly confident that cars will be able to drive themselves in 2021 with greater reliability than humans.' However, PlainSite's newly released vehicle management document states that Tesla's self-driving capabilities are still at level 2, and Musk's remarks are not in line with Tesla's engineering reality.

According to the document, the vehicle management bureau sent a message to Tesla's director of software for autopilot functions, CJ Moore, that Musk would achieve Level 5 by the end of the year, from an engineering perspective. It seems that he asked to speak from. And Moore told the Vehicle Management Department that Musk's remarks are inconsistent with the reality of engineering and the transition from the current level 2 to level 5 is not easy.

This is not the first time Mr. Musk has made a bullish statement about autonomous driving technology, and in the past he said on Twitter that 'a fully autonomous vehicle will appear in August 2018' and 'Level 5 autonomous driving' I am confident that the basic mechanism of the vehicle will be completed by the end of 2020, 'he said at the opening ceremony of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

In addition, at the time of writing the article, there are a series of fatal accidents of Tesla cars, and the road traffic regulator of the federal government is investigating 24 accidents involving Tesla cars that had the autopilot function activated. ..

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