An email from Tesla's former president saying, ``Autopilot was so comfortable that I got absorbed in email and phone calls'' will be submitted as evidence in a lawsuit over a fatal accident.

Tesla is facing a lawsuit regarding a fatal accident that occurred while using the automatic driving function (Autopilot). New evidence will be presented in a trial regarding a fatal accident showing that ``Tesla was aware that drivers would become distracted while using Autopilot, but did not take measures.'' became.

Next Autopilot trial to test Tesla's blame-the-driver defense | Reuters

Tesla has faced multiple lawsuits related to accidents that occurred while using Autopilot in its cars. At the time of writing, there was a trial regarding the accident that occurred in March 2018 in which former Apple employee Walter Huang, who was riding a Tesla Model X, collided with a median strip while using Autopilot and died. in progress. Details of the accident can be found in the article below.

It turns out that the Tesla Model X accident in which the driver died occurred under similar circumstances to past cases - GIGAZINE

The month after the accident, Tesla said, ``Tesla requires drivers to be careful when using Autopilot and to keep their hands on the steering wheel.'' Huang also acknowledged that Autopilot is not perfect. ``This accident was caused by Mr. Huang's failure to pay attention, even though the car had repeatedly warned him to do so,'' the statement said , emphasizing Mr. Huang's responsibility. In addition, in April 2023, Mr. Huang's family said, ``When Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, ``Model S and Model X are currently safer than human drivers and can drive autonomously.'' When Tesla submitted 'recorded data' as evidence showing Tesla's safety awareness, Tesla's defense team became a hot topic when they argued that 'the recording may be a deep fake.'

Tesla's lawyer claims that Elon Musk's statement ``may have been made with deep fake'' - GIGAZINE

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According to a new report from Reuters, Huang's family said in a statement sent by former Tesla CEO John McNeil on March 25, 2016, that 'Autopilot was so comfortable that he immersed himself in emails and phone calls before exiting.' In 2024, the email stating, ``I just passed by without notice (though of course this is not the recommended usage)'' is ``evidence that Tesla was aware that Autopilot would distract the driver.'' It is expected to be presented at the hearing on March 18th.

In addition, the family's lawyer received testimony from a Tesla witness that ``Tesla had not conducted any research into ways to keep the driver safe in the event that Autopilot malfunctioned and the steering wheel turned toward an obstacle.'' It is also reported that they are gaining.

In addition, Tesla has been filed multiple lawsuits in addition to Mr. Huang's accident, but at the time of writing, there have been no cases in which a judgment has been made that acknowledges Tesla's liability.

Judgment that ``Tesla is not responsible'' in lawsuit alleging fatal accident caused by Tesla's automatic driving, but faces further lawsuits and investigation - GIGAZINE

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