Tesla announces a statement that accuses drivers accidentally killed in Tesla Model X

It was greatly reported that the driver who was driving Tesla Model X on March 23, 2018 died in the accident. While investigating the cause of the accident, many drivers report that "Tesla's autopilot function may misidentify lanes". However, Tesla insisted on the accident, "The driver did not follow the warning issued by the car," and "I did not place the hand on the steering wheel" and announced a statement as if to criticize the deceased driver It is.

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Details of the accident can be read from the following article. Tesla Model X has an accident in a similar way in September 2017, "When the autopilot is turned on, vehicles arbitrarily run towards the median strip at certain times of the day" The branch road is misidentified as a lane depending on the state of light ".

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Walter Huang, a 38-year-old who worked as an engineer at Apple, was in the accident. According to his wife Sevonne, Mr. Huang talks about "Tesla's autopilot runs toward the barrier of the same place" before, Sevonne who saw the accident in the news immediately It is said that Mr. Huang was the one who caused the accident to Huang.

Tesla acknowledged that the autopilot was in use in the accident, but Huang announced that he had taken his hand from the handle for 6 seconds just before the accident. Meanwhile, Mr. Will, Huang's younger brother, says "Huang was not a type to take his hand off the handle, he was always a careful driver."

Meanwhile, Tesla announced a statement on the accident.

The contents of the statement are as follows.

"I am very sorry that your family was lost.

According to the family, Mr. Huang noticed that the autopilot is not perfect and thought it was unreliable in a particular place, but despite this, Huang continued to use the autopilot at that location It was. The day when the accident happened was sunny and it was a situation that I could look over a few hundred feet. Under the circumstances the accident occurred because the car did not pay attention to the road despite the fact that the car urged attention many times, Huang did not pay attention to the road.

There is a "back" as a basic premise in both moral and legal responsibility, but it does not exist here. Tesla wants the driver to pay attention when using the autopilot, and that he places his hand on the steering wheel. Also, attention is done every time when using auto pilot. If the system detects that the driver's hand is not on the handle, a visual and audible warning will be made. A warning was also issued many times on the day when Huang was driving.

It is natural for Huang's family to be saddened by the loss of Mr. Huang, we also understand, "It is not safe for autopilots to hurt people on the streets" is wrong It is an impression. The US Department of Transportation Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has concluded that accidents will be reduced by 40% even if it is an initial autopilot function, and since then the function has evolved greatly. That is why the people that other families love live on and they do not become news. "

Mr. Sevonne who has decided to file a lawsuit against Tesla hires a lawyer and Mike Fong, a lawyer, said about the above announcement, "Tesla told Huang to divert attention from family concerns to autopilot "The sensor misidentifies the lane drawn on the road and the system has failed to detect a stationary object."

It should be noted that the accident is in the process of the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating, Fong's "There is no plan to file a complaint until the investigation is finished," he told.

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