Google's automated driving car also has the potential to over speed limit

ByLoKan Sardari

The automatic driving car that Google is developing is developingIt is likely to realize driving safety performance that transcends human's senseAlthough the appearance is being transmitted, it turned out that it is equipped with the ability to travel over the speed limit of the road for "safety".

Look, no hands! Test driving a Google car | Reuters

BBC News - Google's driverless cars designed to exceed speed limit

this isReuters reporterWas revealed by Mr. Dmitri Lugov, the leader of software development, when he tried on an automated driving car. The automated driving car used at the test driving at this time is a vehicle based on the LEXUS RX 450h which has been released many times, a hybrid vehicle using gasoline and a motor together. In addition to installing radars and cameras in front of the body, you can see the unit containing the camera and radar for photographing the surroundings at high speed while rotating on the roof and grasping the situation, Other than that it is an ordinary vehicle itself.


Test drive was about 25 minutes of sitting on the back seat, Brian Torcellini of "Chief Test Driver" who sat in the driver's seat, Mr. Dolgoff who was sitting in the front passenger seat. When Mr. Lugoff inputs the destination using the notebook PC, the automatic driving car sets the route himself and starts running.

Although it was generally a safe drive, it seems there was a scene where the automatic driving car strengthened the brake when the car in the opposite lane entered this lane for cross turn left. This is a case where the automatic driving car avoided the danger in advance due to the danger prediction capability, and he said that the opponent driver immediately got the change by correcting his / her course.

Drugoff said, "According to statistics, according to statistics, in an environment where surrounding vehicles travel faster than their own vehicle, the speed limit speed The risk of an accident rises if you stick to it, "the computer judges the traffic situation of the surroundings and has the ability to speed up to the limit speed plus a speed of 10 miles per hour (about 16 km) It seems to have made it clear that it is.

ByPhil Hollenback

Google's automatic driving car already carries out a running experiment which can be seen as more than 1 million miles (about 1.6 million km), and from January 2015Experimental driving of an automatic driving car is accepted even in the UKIt is supposed to be. Although it is an automatic driving car that aims for practical use in 2020, it seems that development that conforms to the real world is progressing steadily by acquiring ability which can be said to be closer to human beings.

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