Nissan develops a new technology "Collision Avoidance Support Concept" to Avoid Automobile Collision Accidents even at High Speed

In using a car, one of the horrible things is a rear-end accident.

The higher the running at high speed, the more dangerous will be the side of the side which has also made a rear end collision, but developed a new technology to avoid collision of a car even while Nissan is driving at high speed.

Details are as below.
Nissan | Nissan announces new technology to support collision accident avoidance

According to this release, Nissan Motor has developed a new technology "Collision Avoidance Support Concept" to support collision accident avoidance from an unprecedented high speed of 60 km / h.

The "Collision Avoidance Support Concept" developed this time is to monitor the distance and relative speed with the front vehicle by a highly sensitive radar sensor and to support the driver's collision avoidance operation, , I will positively support the driver to push back the accelerator pedal together with the warning display and warning sound so that the driver himself can carry out safer avoidance operation.

In addition, since it operates to support the smooth deceleration operation of the driver, it is expected that the risk of collision from a subsequent car due to sudden braking can be reduced.

This is the content of "Collision Avoidance Concept". When it is judged that the driver's deceleration operation is necessary, attention is paid back, pushing back the accelerator pedal and smoothly performing gentle braking to support the decelerating operation of the driver. In addition, if it is judged that there is a possibility of a rear end collision, a strong braking is automatically performed, the seat belt is rolled up to reduce the sagging, thereby increasing the restraint of the occupant and ensuring safety.

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