Chrome ignores ad removal tool on YouTube and forces ads to appear

ByRego Korosi

In order to speed up the display speed of the web page and enjoy comfortable browsing "Adblock Plus"Or"AdBlockAlthough some browsers may have extensions to remove ads such as ads such as "Chrome users can not block even though they have extended extensions to delete ads", and Google is advertising It is suspected that the possibility of forcibly displaying advertisements by avoiding the deletion tool.

Google Chrome reportedly bypassing Adblock, forces users to watch full-length video ads

YouTube Now Bypassing Ad Blockers On Google Chrome

According to the content tweeted by a user named revVGC, when I watched a YouTube movie on Chrome with AdBlock, preroll video advertisement which should normally be blocked was displayed. Preroll video advertisement is an advertisement displayed before movie playback, and you can skip normally by pressing the skip button a few seconds after playback. However, when you look at the tweeted screenshot, the skip button is not displayed, it seems that about 3 minutes of advertisement was forcibly displayed until viewing the movie.

similarreportAccording to the user named SteeScribbles, according to the user SteeScribbles, Chrome is the only advertiser that displays video advertisements on YouTube even if you have an ad removal tool, and if you have included an ad removal tool The skip button disappears, and it seems to forcefully let the video advertisement be seen from the beginning to the end. Also, even if you put an advertisement deletion tool, the advertisement is shown to be a movie with long playback time with monetization turned on.

There are many users that the ad removal tool does not work properly on YouTube on ChromereportIn response to what has been done, AdBlock distributor recommends deleting the YouTube app from Chrome as a way to skip ads on YouTube on Chrome, even if you have extended features.

We suspected that Google intentionally blocked ad removal tool due to this case, but in Chromium forum using Google Chrome source code, it is pointed out that it is "bug" We anticipate that Google will also distribute updates that fix bugs, as well as AdBlocks that have released workarounds.

Also, I tried watching YouTube movies with Chrome with "AdBlock" turned on in "EdBlock" · Chrome with "Adblock Plus" turned on · Chrome which turned on both Chrome turned on, but in both cases " "Please wait for a while." There was no momentary display of pre-roll video advertisements.

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