BMW developed the world's first "Automatically drivable car" and is now open to the public at CES

Many automobile manufacturers in the world are advancing research and development of automatic driving vehicles,NissanYaVolvo,ToyotaEtc. are about to start public road experiments, but "Cars drifting automatically" which can be said to go further on the CES venue is on sale.

BMW builds self-drifting cars - BBC Top Gear

You can check on what kind of running BMW's automatic drift car will show in the following movie.

BMW M235i drifts itself during CES demo - YouTube

It was put on the test course of the circuitBMW M235iTest vehicle based on the 2014 model of

We will clear the corner lightly.

Suddenly the driver pressed the button on the center console.

Then remove the foot from the pedal ...

I also released the hand holding the steering wheel.

However, the test car will judge himself and run through the corner.

Here is what synthesized the data and video acquired from the body sensor. You can see that the handle in the upper right is cut from left to right.

It is difficult even for a man to drive, also performs "pylon slalom" which goes through the pylon gorgeously.

Cornering close to the pylon than I thought.

And here is this drift. I will flow the corner sideways while cutting the reverse handle to a larger extent.

The steady drift of the steering wheel angle is difficult even for a senior human being ... ...

This vehicle is being held in Las Vegas, USACES 2014It was published in. Project manager Werner Huber said, "How to control behavior in the ultimate state of automobile control is a very important point for the safety performance of automatically driven vehicles" to advance evolution It was done as part of research to increase the safety of automatic driving vehicles. The body has a large number of cameras and a radar that senses around 360 degrees, and it has become a thing to highly control the brake and steering while making a situation judgment on its own. BMW has been using "Integrated active steering"We have put into practical use of variable steering technology such as this, but this time it seems to be a body posture control technology that has control capability beyond that.

BMW said that he is conducting research aiming for practical application of fully automated driving vehicles in 2020. The purpose of this technology is not to aim for drifting, but it seems that expectation will be expected also for its safety performance by installing a system that can perform such advanced control.

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