Automatic driving car of Audi marks 240 km / h at the circuit attack with real attack

German car maker Audi (Audi), an automated driving car that has been pursuing development for some timeAudi RS 7 piloted driving concept"We demonstrated the demonstration. Based on the commercial vehicle "RS 7 Sportsback", a concept car incorporating an automatic driving device showed off the running approaching the limits of the car body at the circuit,240 km / hIt has succeeded in marking the fastest speed in the automatic driving vehicle.

Audi MediaServices - Audi RS 7 concept

Demonstration run is October 19, 2014, Germany's world-class automobile race "German Touring Car Championship(DTM) "The final round of the circuit will be held on the circuit"HockenheimringIt was carried out in. The actual running situation is released on YouTube.

Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept @ Hockenheim - The highlights

On the main course of the circuit, on the start line RS 7.

When the green flag is swung ...

Dash fiercely with a loud engine sound!

Increase the speed with unattended RS 7.560 horsepower on the road to accelerate.

Turn in towards 1 corner "Nord curves".

Unmanned RS 7 showing steady handling judgment.

Accelerate toward second corner

Before the tight second corner, it is a sharp braking that can also be felt through the screen.

Clear the first right corner, then go through the light left corner and accelerate to the high speed left curve "Parabolica" RS 7.

After Parabolica, you can wait for a clockwise hairpin curve with the slowest speed in Hockenheim.

With a sharp deceleration that seems to be able to hear the braking shock "Don!", The car body nose dives before. This is a serious breaking Has been done.

Rise up the hairpin and clear the complex corner "Spitzkale Complex". It is a sight that I have seen in F1 race broadcasting etc as well.

And to the last corner.

There is no unnecessary modification in handling judgment, it looks very stable.

The last acceleration! It is likely that the accelerator on at the time of startup seems to have been set in a stable direction, as if the car body turned straight to a certain extent.

And I thought that I passed through the home straight at full throttle ... ...

Stop perfectly on the original grid that started. It seemed that the situation of grasping stellar position and control was being carried.

The fastest speed marked by RS 7 showed brilliant driving,149 miles per hour (about 239.7 km)It is exactly the area of ​​racing speed. It seems that the lap time was the highest class in a commercial car of about 2 minutes. At the time of breaking up to1.3 G deceleration G, During cornering1.1 G sideways GIt is said that this is also the best class figure as a commercial car. Most importantly, this number has a great significance that what the automatic driving car marked is significant.

A movie that can see the Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept in detail was also released.

Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept @ Hockenheim - Long version

This is the heart of RS 7 housed in the trunk part. There are several computers lined up with Gissiri.

The ceiling part is equipped with a GPS device that precisely measures the position of the car body with an error of several millimeters level.

A stereo camera that photographs the front of the car body with two cameras and analyzes the road surface is mounted on the windshield part.

The data measured by multiple sensors are sent to the control unit of the trunk and the operation of each part is done.

In addition, it is equipped with a radar and so on for grasping the situation of front and back and sides.

Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, director of technology development, on the Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept, which implemented the limit driving on the circuit with these latest technologies, said, "The top performances that RS 7 showed here here today, It proved Audi's high level of automatic driving technology. "

I would like to look forward to what future cars will be developed by the technology of automatic driving cars that will be further developed in the future.

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