Bicycle faster than Ferrari succeeded in the fastest mark of 333 km / h

On November 7, 2014, the world's fastest challenge of bicycles was held at the Paul Ricard circuit in southern France, unprecedented "333 km / h"The record that was established. A movie showing the state of the challenge and the Italian splashing horse "Ferrari 430 Scuderia" is shown in a very easy way to go away.

François Gissy Bicycle World Record 207 mph 333 km / h

This is the car body used for the fastest challenge.

Atmospheric frame has enormous tanks and piping and it is not just a person.

It is that start scene that is masterpiece. I will show acceleration of raging while winding white smoke.

Whether you are considering air resistance, a unique riding position.

The source of that power is a rocket engine equipped at the rear of the body.

Simultaneously with the start, we blow out a tremendous amount of white smoke ......

Furious acceleration. The scenery looks like a scene where rockets are launched and looking away from the ground.

Ferrari430 ScuderiaAnd line up in the start line. 430 Scuderia is a high performance car featuring 510 horsepower 4.2 liter V8 engine, but how do you like it?

YOU DON! A suddenly bicycle that raises white smoke. Ferrari leads a step ahead!

However, after 0.5 seconds the morphology reversed.

A bicycle leaving Ferrari behind as it is like a lie. 430 The scuderia should have the performance of stopping from 100 km / h down to 3.6 seconds or less, the maximum speed being 320 km / h or more, but there are no hands or legs.

Again from another angle. Even though Ferrari is starting to dominate, ...

I decided to leave it in no time. That should be that, 0-100 km / h acceleration of this bicycle is how much 1.1 seconds, less than a third of the 430 scooter. It boasts the accelerating power of racing car racing that the maximum G during acceleration is as high as 3.1 G.

This time the real fastest trial is done. Per start line ......

Fierce dash with a raft called "Shogo !!"!

The scenery which flows like flying away. This is quite fast.

When the rocket injection finishes, you can hear a different 'gott' wind noise. It should be that, too, the air resistance in the region over 300 km / h is very tremendous, with 1.8 G deceleration G occurring without applying a brake.

I stopped short and stopped. An ambulance, a safety car, and Ferrari finally arrived.

The highest speed of 333 km / h was recorded on the in-vehicle meter.

François Gissy of a bicycle and a rider surrounded by the newsmen. Boots and a helmet in the riding suit are in a perfect protection state, but it does not look like a car body that exceeds 300 km / h in any way ......

The source of power is three rocket engines equipped, its propulsive power is4.2 kN(Kilo Newton). It can be seen that the power of 1 N produces tremendous power when it comes to 4200 Newtons because it gives an object a mass of 1 kilogram of mass to accelerate 1 meter per second per second.

The rider's position is like this. In an ordinary riding position, it may not be able to endure acceleration G and it may be shaken off.

The record at the time of measurement is as follows. The 1/4 mile acceleration called so-called "Zero Yong" is 6.8 seconds, but this is a tremendous time that far exceeds the Nissan GT-R's latter half of the 7 second range.

1/4 mile (about 400 meters) Transit time: 6.8 seconds
0-100 km / h Acceleration: 1.1 seconds
0-200 km / h Acceleration: 2.5 seconds
0-300 km / h Acceleration: 4.3 seconds
0 - 333 km / h arrival: 4.8 seconds

Maximum speed: 333 km / h (arrives 300 meters from the start)
Maximum acceleration: 3.1 G
Maximum deceleration acceleration: -1.8 G

Bicycle placed in front of Ferrari · 430 scuderia. Wonder whether the pedal that is barely left is maintaining the identity as a bicycle although it is quite questionable whether it can be called this "bicycle".

Designer Arnold Neracher and rider François Gissy who tried this trial continue to challenge further. I also like to watch over what extent to escalate.

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