Running on a bicycle with a rocket engine running at a speed of 263 km and a big runaway

Enable driving at maximum speed of 70 kmElectric-assisted motor kitThere is no such thing as pursuit of awesome speed against speed does not see an end, François Gissy who set the world fastest speed by realizing a speed of 263 km with a rocket engine mounted on a bicycle. The video that starts while raising the steam and overtakes the running car in an instant is published on YouTube.

A 263 km / h, Record du monde de vitesse à vélo près de Mulhouse - 20/05 - YouTube

The rocket engine mounted on the bicycle started steaming up.

Starting while steaming the steam. At this time the steam reaches 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

I will speed up more and more.

This is the moment to overtake the car that had been ahead. It is too early to disappear, but there is a bicycle in the red circle.

I quickly overtwined.

The camera holding at a different position captures the back of the bicycle which is getting dashing away.

Afterwards, the car passed by at a speed that looked like a horse carriage when compared with a bicycle.

This is a FrenchmanFrançois GissyMr.Exotic thermo engineeringA rocket engine made by a bicycle mounted on a bicycle. Liquid used for enginehydrogen peroxideYou can purchase it at a pharmacy, but do not maneuver as this product is used for this engine because it is a concentrated product on the market all the time.

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