Power the super computer to operate by bicycle

MIT 's cycling team succeeded in operating the SiCortex Supercomputer SC 648 by bicycle connected to the generator. Power generation is done by 10 cyclists and it seems to be a world record as human use computer use.

Details are as below.Pedal-powered supercomputer MIT Cycling team sets new record - gizmag Article

Some of the cycling teams were studying nuclear fusion and they were also investigating the safe and promising energy to turn into nuclear fission. It seems that the bicycle was able to continue tying in a nonstop for about 20 minutes and could generate ten times the amount of energy required by the computer.

A generator attached to a bicycle.

"Although we were able to grasp the possibility of obtaining infinite energy by using solar energy, we still need to do research on energy," says John Wright of MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Research Center I am talking.

There is also a movie.
YouTube - MIT Cycling Innovate or Die Contest Entry

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