Mitsubishi's awesome concept · rally car "MMR 25"

To be held in Los Angeles, USA on 21-30 November 2008LA Auto ShowIt is Mitsubishi's rally car "MMR25" that will be exhibited at "MMR25". Since the theme of concept design is to say "motor sports of 2025", will such a rally car appear in 2025?

The most interesting part is the tire part. Usually there are eight elongated tires controlled by electric motors at round tires, and it seems that 32 tires will be installed in all of the cars.

Details are as below.
With a complete electric car, the battery can run 1600 kilometers with a single charge using the next generation unit.

Since the weight of the heavy glass window is removed and the weight is being reduced, the image from the camera installed outside is reflected on the 360-degree panoramic screen in the driver's seat.

La Auto Show: Mitsubishi's LA Design Challenge Entry Reveals MMR 25, Rally Racer Of The Future

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