Discovered by a thermo camera that a motor is illegally built into the bicycle frame

It was a big news in January 2016 that a hidden motor was discovered from the body used by a 19 - year - old Belgian female player who participated in the cyclocross championship held in Belgium. Just because it has not been discovered, is not it that other players have motor built in bicycle? In order to verify such a rumor, the rumor that the rumor saying that the Italian newspaper company and French television program shoots "Bicycle race with a thermo camera" was investigated.

Secret Thermal Camera Footage Allegedly Shows Seven Pro Cyclists Using Illegal Motors In Bikes

Regarding the discovery of a hidden motor from a bicycle in the player in January 2016, it can be confirmed from the following article what kind of "electric assist assisted secretly attached to the bicycle" was installed.

When you securely attach "Hidden motor" to the road bike, it looks like this - GIGAZINE

The UCI (International Bicycling Federation) who saw the situation seriously scanned player's bicycle regularly before big game, but at the time of article creation, UCI's preliminary check made the bike carrying the motor Has not been found. Meanwhile, Italian newspaper company Corriere della Sera and French television program Stade 2 collaborated independently and as a result, seven players who participated in two races held in Italy were asked to do so by the so-called "equipment doping I understood that I was doing.

VIDEO. Un moteur dans le vélo - YouTube

First of all, the program was visited by Alessandro Bartoli who makes a motor for bicycles of 10,000 euros (about 1.2 million yen) in Italy. The following bicycles seem to have no particularly strange place, but it is said that a motor is installed in the frame.

The motor is like this.

Despite the fact that nobody was wearing a bicycle, the pedal was turning while setting up a motor sound.

The program that got the motor built-in bicycle was experimented first, "When looking at the state of the bicycle with built-in motor using a thermo camera, what kind of feeling do you see?"

A man who is bicycling. It seems that there is no abnormality, but ...

When the position of the foot changes, you can see that the temperature of part of the frame is extremely high. This is the place where the motor is built in.

So, I actually shoot the situation of the race with a thermo camera.

Many of the runners are only slightly raised in the temperature of the body part and the wheel part with friction with the ground ... ...

The thermo camera caught that the bicycle on which some players ride is unnaturally hot.

When I asked FLIR engineer who develops thermo camera to see this ... ....

It leads to the inference that the motor is built in the sprocket and the battery is built in the frame part. As a result of shooting a race player using a thermo camera, five players had built a motor on a bicycle.

UCI has been scanning bikes before the tournament since device doping was discovered in January 2016, but cleverly hidden motors are hardly discovered.

In addition, the program also interviewed Mr. Varjas engineer in Budapest. Mr. Varjas is a rumorous person who sells electric wheels to professional athletes.

What Stefano Vargas is making is a more precise hidden motor system, which is to load neodymium magnets into the rear wheel.

Built-in battery and coil in frame below seat ......

It is creating electromagnetic power with power.

When Mr. Varjas took a look at the video captured by the thermo camera, in two races, there was a suspicion that two players were doing equipment doping in this way. The electric wheel set sold by Mr. Varjas is 50,000 dollars (about 5.5 million yen), so you can only purchase some good earnings.

"Although electromagnetic detectors are expensive, Varjas says that UCI's current detection method can not find equipment doping," he said.

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