A mountain bike shoots the desert at an angle of 45 degrees at a speed of 167 km per hour Astonished world new recording movie

Although the road bike can deliver speeds as high as the legal speed of 50 cc motorcycles at speeds of 30 km / h or more, crazy movies that kicked off the world new record of running at an angle of 45 degrees on a mountain bike at an angle of 45 degrees and speeding up at a speed of 167 km / h It is open to the public.

World's fastest MTB bike: Max Stockl's V-Max project

Max Stöckl Sets WORLD RECORD Fastest MTB Downhill Speed: 167 KPH! - YouTube

The rider passed through at a great speed. This road looked like a flat surface ... ...

The actual angle is a steep slope of 45 degrees.

If you return the camera to the correct position and look at the same scene again, you can imagine how dangerous it is to slope down on the mountain bike.

It is mountain bike rider Markus 'Max' Stöckl who makes such a dangerous challenge. A mountain bike team who has participated in the World Cup "MS-Racing MondrakerIt is also the top of the man who continues to challenge how fast you can get on the mountain bike for over 20 years. The fastest record ever so far is "When you go down the volcano of the Republic of Nicaragua in 2011," 164.95 km / h ".

Mr. Stöckl, who is ready, wears a special helmet made by Red Bull. By saying safety first, I also installed special suits and airbags, it seems that they are rather equipped like ski jumpers. Stöckl says, "Every time the speed is 1 km faster, it will require extraordinary efforts to control the motorcycle and the whole body."

This time Stöckl's challenge is in ChileAtacama Desert. The altitude of the starting point is 3972 meters.

The challenge which is too dangerous finally started.

It records the appearance that mountain biking goes forward at the speed where GoPro of action camera is impossible, preeminence is realistic.

I will increase the speed to the extent that mileage increases ...

Even if you hear the engine sound, it will run down the steep slope at a funny speed. It is exactly the sense of balance of professional riders that they do not fall at this speed.

The distance from the start point to the goal is 650 meters. This route is not downhill from top to bottom by deciding, I think that I've already calculated the ideal line with 8 exercises beforehand.

As the goal got closer, Stöckl's heart rate recorded 169.

Pass by the side of the speed measuring instrument which was installed at the goal point ......

The maximum speed exceeded the previous time and recorded 167.6 km / h.

After the challenge, Mr. Stöckl collapses without taking off the helmet from the feeling of tension.

However, when numbers are output from the speedometer used for measurement ......

I realized that I achieved the world new record and a smile of victory emerged on Stöckl's face. Mr. Stöckl says, "I am running for only 20 seconds but I am really exhausted and I can not express my feelings with words.When I looked down from the top of the mountain just by running 10 km or 15 km faster than usual, I feel that adrenaline is coming out of Dubadova like "I am commenting.

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