Experimental movie without driver will be released that allows us to realize how far the automatic driving car from Google has evolved, aiming to provide "fully automatic taxi" in the near future

Spin-out from Google, now Alphabet's automated driving car development company "Waymo"Released the vehicle under development. But I have also been published state of the vehicle actually traveling, everyone does not ride in the driver's seat, has been running without any problems in a state in which the passengers in the back seat.

Waymo now testing self-driving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel | TechCrunch

Waymo discloses how the automatic driving car runs within the facility of Phoenix, Arizona, where the company is based. Employees of Waymo got on to the automatic driving car which added sensors to Chrysler / Pacifica, and actually they are running with no driver.

Part of this state is released in the following movie.

Waymo's fully self-driving cars are here - YouTube

Passengers to board the center seat of Pacifica reform.

The driver's seat remains as a carapo.

A panel for operation is mounted above the head of the rear seat. I operate the panel and give instructions ...

The car started running.

Automatic driving car that runs while moving the steering wheel in small steps. As far as watching the movie it looks like quite smooth driving.

Detect that there is a person crossing the pedestrian and stop in front. It seems that the state where it stops with applying the brake is becoming a brake which is somewhat "Kakun".

The appearance that multiple automatic cars run simultaneously is also made public. Both vehicles are running with passengers on without a driver.

The state of the driver's seat, the state of the passenger, the map displayed in the car, and the appearance of the aerodynamically autopilot car. It is not a pre-programmed route, but it automatically runs the route designated by the passenger who got in.

Automatic driving car aligned with Warehouse's garage. At the time of publication on November 7, 2017, only Waymo employees are allowed to get on the road, but in the future we will call taxi service by automatic driving car to local residents "in the coming months "When released, Waymo's John Classics CEO announces.

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