A cyber traffic light machine that uses an automatic driving car as a "traffic light" will be developed

Although the development of automatic driving cars is progressing rapidly, correspondence to the temporarily changed road situation remains as a big problem, such as when the accident occurred suddenly and the range that can be passed is narrowed. Meanwhile, researchers in the United States will use the automatic driving car and radio communication device to make the automatic driving car itself traffic lights "Cyber ​​traffic light (Cyber ​​Traffic Light)System is devised.

Realization of traffic light using wireless communication ~ Toward practical use of automatic driving car - Shunsuke Aoki / Shunsuke Aoki

In automatic operation, it is required to understand road conditions appropriately by using high-precision map information and understanding information from highly accurate sensors through machine learning technology, but in reality map information There are many cases where there are no data due to no intersections or sudden accidents, which is a barrier to the operation of automatic driving cars on public roads. Mr. Shunsuke Aoki of Carnegie Mellon University who studies automatic driving technology has developed a method for safely running multiple automatic driving cars by temporarily generating invisible traffic lights (cyber traffic lights) using wireless communication Succeeded.

By using a radio communication device mounted in an automatic driving car, the cyber traffic lights means "the automatic driving car itself functions as a traffic signal". By looking at the simulation movie below you can understand the function of cyber traffic lights.

Cyber ​​Traffic Light for Dynamic Intersection - YouTube

A section that can not temporarily pass in front of the red car is indicated by a red pole.

On one-lane one-lane roads, in such a case, it is necessary to wait for the timing of the car in the opposite lane to be cut off to avoid the travel prohibited section.

In the same situation, there are two cars waiting for a car in the opposite lane to pass ......

When the cyber traffic lights function, the green autopilot that received the radio signal pauses on the spot and makes a situation in which the following vehicle must also be stopped.

Meanwhile, the red car goes ahead while bypassing the inoperable zone. The first automated driving car that stopped forcibly stopped the following car like a red light.

After confirming that two red cars passed, the automatic driving car started again.

Cyber ​​traffic lights can control traffic by using an automatic driving car that can judge accurate traffic conditions by receiving information from wireless communication instead of traffic lights. As the automatic driving car temporarily stops the following vehicle semi-compulsively, the following vehicle does not necessarily need to communicate with the automatic driving car, and it is miso that it is OK even for a general vehicle that a human driver grasps the steering wheel . It is expected not only as accidents and road construction, but also as a method to ensure safety even under the situation that the reliability of various sensors of automatic driving car is deteriorated due to storms and the like.

Mr. Aoki's affiliated Real-Time and Multimedia Laboratory has confirmed its safety with an automated driving car simulator AutoSim and has already succeeded in demonstration experiments using an automatic driving car in the New York State University campus. It will be held in Portugal on April 13, 2018International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS 2018)A detailed research presentation of cyber traffic lights is scheduled to be held.

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