Delorean, who can drift fully automatically, successfully completed a 1 km course

Stanford University has improved the

fully automatic Delorian 'MARTY', which was developed in 2015, and can successfully drive 1km of obstacle courses. The experimental results are expected to contribute to stable control of self-driving vehicles.

Autonomous DeLorean drives sideways to move forward | Stanford News

Toward Automated Vehicle Control Beyond the Stability Limits: Drifting Along a General Path | Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control | ASME Digital Collection

'MARTY' is a vehicle modified by John Go et al. From the 1981 Delorian DMC-12 . In 2015, we achieved a steady circular turn around the pylon by automatic driving without human intervention.

Stanford University publishes Delorian `` MARTY '' that can drift drift fully automatically-gigazine

After the success, Go and others prepared to apply the basic drift technology of MARTY to the course, and as a result, MARTY was able to drift through a 1 km course with obstacles installed.

The state can be confirmed in the following movie.

Beyond the Limits: MARTYkhana-YouTube

The figure which showed the locus of traveling. You can see that the course is more than just turning around.

MARTY actually running on the course

There are people in the driver's seat and the passenger seat, but no driving operation is performed.

According to Gor and his professor Chris Geldes, the attempt is to use an autonomous vehicle that uses all of the friction between the tires and the road to escape danger to avoid problems in emergency situations or on slippery surfaces. It is said that it is being done with the aim of developing.

Since many drivers are not good at controlling when a car becomes unstable, modern cars are equipped with electronic stability control systems to assist in driving. However, professional drivers take advantage of this 'car instability' to control the car quickly and accurately. MARTY is driving like a professional driver.

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