How to make Lego to actually eat

There seems to be someone who made Lego which can be eaten actually, and its recipe and how to make it is introduced. You may see the sight of putting Lego in your mouth when a little child is playing with Lego, but if you make it like this Lego, it will be willing to put it in your mouth and it will soon disappear It seems to be.

It may be fun to make it together on a day off.

The way to make it is as follows.
LeGummies brick shaped gummy candies

The material is gelatin, already tasted gelatin (which seems like a jelly mix in Japan), water. Instruments used are weighing cups, pots, spatula, syringes (substitutable for similar things), silicon, Lego.

Make the mold first. Make a shape with LEGO as shown in the picture and pour silicon into it. When waiting for a while and solidifying the silicon, you can type like the one on the bottom of the photo. A person who is troublesome to make a mold "LEGO Ice Cube TrayMaybe you can buy me.

Add gelatin and water with normal gelatin, flavor to the measuring cup. At this time putting lemonade powder and vitamins (powdered) and putting acidity seems delicious. You may want to taste different things as you like.

Next boil water in a pot, put a measuring cup in hot water, dissolve the gelatin while stirring with a spatula.

Pour the melted gelatin into the mold made earlier.

It will wait for a while and when it solidifies it looks like this.

Making colors of various colors is colorful.

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