Waterproof & SSD & fanless, DELL's inexpensive low price notebook computer "Inspiron Mini 9" drops at a stretch

DELL in SeptemberWe released low-priced laptop computer "Inspiron Mini 9" that emphasizes quietness by SSD and fanless body, corresponding to life waterproofingHowever, it went down in a breath in two months after it was released.

Basic "package" which kept the basic function firmly in place, also the high function "Platinum package" has fallen across the board, and it is very reasonable price.

Details are as follows.
Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop (PC) │ Dell

According to the DELL page, Intel's Atom processor N270 (1.6 GHz), 512 MB memory, 4 GB SSD, IEEE 802.11 b / g compatible wireless LAN, 8.9 inch liquid crystal (1024 × 600) is loaded in the CPU, "Inspiron Mini 9 Basic Package" adopting the DELL customized version of Ubuntu 8.04 has been sold for 30, 4980 yen which decreased by 15,000 yen.

In addition, the memory was increased to 1 GB and the SSD was increased to 16 GB, Bluetooth and 1.3 M Pixel web cameras were installed, and the "Inspiron Mini 9 Platinum Package" adopted Windows XP Home Edition SP 3 for OS also decreased by 15,000 yen It is 4,980 yen. Please note that the shipping fee of 1575 yen will be free until November 17.

AlreadyHP (Hewlett-Packard)YaToshiba has also made similar price cutsAlthough it is a low-priced laptop computer with a feeling that price-reduction battle began, which manufacturers will control the market?

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