"Gencheez" to display the number of blog articles by region of residence in the world

A person who writes articles on Africa is Sukarakan, and it seems that most blog users are concentrating in the Kanto area even if they look only in Japan.
Gencheez Blog portal that understands the "now" of the world

What is Gencheez?

For example, blogs of people who live in the United States, blogs of people who live in Tokyo, and so on. You can see blog posts by region. A blogger who lives in the same area as you may be writing a local topic you did not know about? People living in a country you'd like to go on a trip may have released information on reviews that is not on the guidebook? Perhaps there are opinions unique to the local people over foreign news on TV?

Rather, it analyzes the contents of each blog 's contents, guesses where it lives, estimates where it lives, and sorts it according to the area from there, it is saved, but is it that technically impossible?

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