"World Sunlight Map" to understand where the sun is hitting the world

It is somewhat understandable that "Japan is behind the earth if Japan is noon" is somewhat understandable, but I do not know where the day is rising in the world right now and where in the world is the night . It is "World Sunlight Map" that you can see by satellite photograph. It is not updated in real time, but it is interesting when there is a change when opening time.

Details are as follows.
World Sunlight Map

This is 1 o'clock on August 8, 2007 (UTC: Coordinated Universal Time) Things. Japan is at 10 am so it is in a pretty bright place. In the United States, the sun has already settled, while in the Arab, the sunrise is coming.

Some have a globe-like viewpoint.

World Sunlight Map hemispherical projection

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