`` Chronozone '' that shows the current time in the world and when it is morning, noon, evening, evening at Google Maps

Just by entering the place name in the text box, Google map-based “ chronozone ” that shows not only the standard time and dawn / sunset time of the area but also information such as Twillight with numbers and graphs in one shot is released.


chronozone is a service that displays time information such as standard time, dawn, and sunset for each region in the world on Google Maps. The default screen displays the Greenwich Observatory standard time.

The time is displayed on the left. Three-hand clock on the inside, day and night are color-coded on the outside, it is a clock that shows one day (24 hours) in one lap.

On the right side, the time zone,

Astronomical Twillight , Nautical twilight , Civillian Twillight , Day, and Night time are displayed.

All you have to do is put the place name in the text box at the top left of the map. When 'japan' is entered, the time in Japan is displayed.

The area name can be in Japanese.

When I entered Russia, the time in Moscow was displayed.

Russia has multiple standard times, but you can display more detailed information by entering a specific place name. Of course, you can also change the region by dragging and moving the map.

It's like this in the Philippines.

It also supported African countries such as Zimbabwe.

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