Visa information necessary for traveling, such as visa-free country, electronic visa country, etc. is taught on a map basis and a convenient 'Visalist' review


Worried about traveling, does the destination country need a visa? That. Since it takes time and money is required to issue visas, there are times when they get into a pinch without knowledge ... so that when traveling around the world, which country can go without a visa, Which country is an electronic visa and which country is an arrival visa? It is " Visalist " that is useful for travelers, so that you can see at a glance.

Find visa requirements of countries across the world

First of all, we will designate the country from the search field of the top page. In order to investigate visa conditions seen by Japanese people, select "Japan (JPN)" ...

Click "LET'S GO!"

Then, this page of such feeling appeared. A list of countries on the left side of the screen and a world map on the right side are shown.

In the default state, "Visa Free" at the top of the list, that is, the country where you enter without a visa if it is a Japanese passport, was displayed.

The map looks something like this. "Visa Free (without a visa)," "Visa on arrival ( arrival visa )," "E-Visa ( e-visa )," "(need a visa) Visa required" are color-coded in the "Visa refused (no visa)." Click on Visa refused ......

Like this. Since there is no corresponding area, the map is pure white and nothing is displayed on the list.

There are quite a lot of countries to enter without a visa ......

A country that needs an arrival visa is like this. Several countries in India and Africa are those.

Electronic visas such as USA, Brazil and Australia.

Visas are required for Africa and Russia.

Also, you can change the display list from the pull-down menu at the top of the page, not from the map. You can specify the type of visa ......

Designating the area.

Small areas can also be specified.

In addition, the list can be displayed not only by visa type and alphabetical order, but also in order of distance from Japan.

I actually showed them in closer distance, and then Mongolia was displayed next to Korea. When I'm looking for a "travel destination without a visa", it is convenient to know that "There was such an option ...!!

Clicking on one of the lists, Micronesia ......

The detail page was displayed. Information necessary for travel such as the Internet situation and currency can be confirmed from here.

It is also possible to specify other countries from the top page. I will examine it in China.

Like this. Visas are required in many countries compared to Japan.

For Americans, visas are also required in many countries such as China.

In the case of Afghanistan, more countries need visas for entry.

In the case of leaving the country from North Korea, most countries have "Visa Required", but in the case of Japan it is a state where visas have not been issued.

Many countries also did not issue visas to Israel.

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