World Map "Two Centuries of US Immigration Visualized" that shows you how much America has accepted many immigrants

America actively accepts immigrants and is now building a diverse ethnic nation that is said to be a race melting pot. A world map explaining when, when, where, and how immigrants to the United States have migrated by the movementTwo Centuries of US Immigration Visualized"Has been released so that you can easily understand interesting data such as the number of immigrants and nationality that change with the age.

Two Centuries of US Immigration Visualized

Actually looking at "Two Centuries of US Immigration Visualized", you can see from this movie that you can understand the change of immigrants like this.

World map "Two centuries of US Immigration Visualized" that you can understand just by seeing how much America has accepted many immigrants - YouTube

URL of Two Centuries of US Immigration VisualizedWhen opening, the world map will be displayed and movements of immigrants will be shown with colorful balls. Looking at the movement of the ball, for example, you can see that there are many immigrants from the UK and Ireland in the 1820s. In addition, the total number of immigrants and the top 3 of immigrants' nationality are displayed on the lower left of the screen, and in the 1820s the first place is Ireland, the second place Britain, the third place France.

In the 1830s, immigration from Germany increased following Britain, Ireland and France.

By the 1850s, we can see that the number of immigrants from Western Europe has increased and that immigration from Canada is increasing little by little. It happened in Ireland in the 1940'sPotato famineImmigrant from Ireland increased at a stroke to escape poverty due to the influence of.

In the 1870s, immigrants from Canada grew, as well as immigrants from countries such as Scandinavian, Russia and China came out with chirahola, but the top 3 citizens of immigrants were in the order of Germany, the UK and Ireland I will.

In the 1890s, immigrants from Russia and Italy soared, Italy ranked first in the top three immigrants nationality.

In the 1900s, many people in Eastern Europe started migrating to America in search of work. Immigrants will come to the US not only from Western Europe but also from Eastern Europe. It is also the point that immigrants from Canada are resurrected and immigrants from Japan are increasing little by little.

In the 1920s, the number of immigrants from Mexico increased and the top three immigrants nationality changed dramatically from the top three in Canada, Italy and Mexico. This was decided in 1924 to exclude immigrantsImmigration Immigration ActIt is thought that the mass migration from Europe by the influence of Europe has decreased.

In the 1940s when World War II ended, the number of immigrants to the US drastically decreased and most of the immigrants come from Canada and Europe.

However, as we headed towards the 1960s, the number of immigrants has increased with the number of immigrants, immigrants from South America such as Colombia and Argentina have increased.

In the 1970s, immigrants from India and Vietnam begin to increase. After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, the number of people migrating from Vietnam to America increased at a stretch.

Immigrants from South America, Africa and Asia have become active in the 1990s, in addition to Canada, Mexico and European countries.

In the 2000s, further diversification of immigrants has progressed, and when looking at maps, I think that immigrants are coming to the United States from most countries around the world.

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