How to arrive at your destination without hesitation using GPS map coordinates and GPS

Although I want to go to a hotel I booked at a travel destination, I do not know right or left in the town I visited for the first time. GPS was useful in such a case. However, as for preparations for this, it is necessary to introduce a map and input coordinates. If you do this, the GPS will guide you to your destination smoothly.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. In Bahraini capital Manama, who traveled through the Arabian Peninsula, we had to book a hotel in advance, so we had to arrive there without fail. In the past I used to go to the map with a paper map, but now I can easily find it with GPS. It is an absolutely convenient way, so I tried to summarize the whole story this time.

What I use is Garmin's "GPSmap 62sIt is a model called. Recently there are smartphones with GPS function, but worry about the battery if it is used for a long time. On that point, this will move around 8 hours with 2 AA rechargeable batteries. Although firmware is in English, there are not many operations, so there is no problem.

Since the pedestal is attached to the bicycle, it is possible to operate even while running, the altitude of the present location and the distance to the destination are also displayed, and the range of running in one day is expanding. When you catch the radio waves, the current position is displayed, lines are engraved on the map as you move, so you will not get lost in the city. As this is a very handy tool, this trip can not be thought at the moment, and it was a great success even in this backpacker trip.

Garmin GPS attached to the handle.

Introduction of map
Open street map based "Free worldwide Garmin maps from OpenStreetMapI used a free map site called "

If you select "Bahrain" in "Asia", the corresponding area will be displayed.

Please check and click "Download map now!".

Then I moved to this page. After downloading "" and transferring it to Garmin's GPS after decompressing, you can use the map of Bahrain.

◆ Google Maps
This timeExpedia JapanReservation with. Although it is the lowest price hotel, I did 17 dinars (4610 yen) none the less.

Searching for "Awal Hotel" to stay hit by google.

Go to Google Maps.

Move the cursor to the hotel location, right click to open the menu and click "About this place".

Then, "Coordinates (N 26.235033, E 50.576764)" corresponding to the hotel's location will come out.

◆ Entering coordinates
Turn on the GPS. Enter coordinates in Mark → Location.

Entering the icon as hotel mark, and entering "AWAL HOTEL" and hotel name will be helpful when listening to the location locally.

Check with Map.

If you do zoom, if Google Maps display and Garmin map display are OK, OK. Preparation is complete.

◆ In Bahrain
I arrived at the airport on a British Airways flight one hour from Qatar's capital Doha.

Since I usually move by bicycle, I rarely use public transportation, but this time it was backpacker, so I was looking into the access from the airport in advance. Taxis are expensive and I do not want to use them. In Bahrain there is a route bus service, so we decided to wait at the bus stop near the airport. ...... I waited for a while but the bus did not arrive and the taxi stopped instead stopped saying "1 dinar to the city center (about 280 yen)", so I decided to carry it. I am afraid of the sinking taxi, but I assume that this country will be okay.

The driver seemed to be unaware of the location of the hotel and I had him get off at a nearby post office.

Monument discovery of "I love BH (Bahrain)".

I arrived at a place near the coordinates, but I do not see such a hotel, I will ask local people.

Walking based on listening, "Awal Hotel" was found.

Since the mark "265" is the actual hotel's location, it is 300 m away from the coordinates of Google Maps. The red line is the foot that moved to the staying day.

By clicking on the hotel map on the Expedia Japan reservation confirmation page, the address could be searched on Google Maps. This is also different.

It was an unclear place like this, but as I visited this time, "Correct coordinates (N 26.23249, E 50.57423)" turned out. If you enter this coordinates, nobody will be able to arrive at "Awal Hotel" without hesitation.

The information on the Internet was complicated at this hotel this time,Booking dot comThe reservations in Lebanon, Cyprus and Malta that I reserved at the map were no problem on the map, I found out the coordinates in the same way and I found the accommodation without difficulty on the site. If there is a guide book on hand, it will be in the form of extracting the coordinates by comparing the form of the map with the location of the hotel against Google Maps. It is convenient for the inn itself to publish coordinates.

And although I had summarized so far, I thought possibly I thought that if I made a search, it was still 20 meters off the first time ... .... Since the color of the destination will change when you move the cursor, it is right to click on "About this place" by right clicking on the menu and extract the correct coordinates. If the coordinates are correct, if it is about this error, we will not get lost in the field.

The hotel I was looking forward to ... ....

It was such a room with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. It's comfortable just because I got money.

There was also bathtub so we could sprinkle hot water and soaked.

There is also a refrigerator so you can keep your drinks cool as well.

Terrace was also included.

lobby. It is an atmosphere like an intermediate hotel.

Floor where a little season was in.

◆ To depart
After finishing sightseeing in Bahrain, next time I will head to the airport by bus. I searched the bus company's website by internet beforehand and checked the bus route number. It seems there is no direct connection and I change trains at the bus terminal of "Muharraq" once.

Public route bus which is the foot of migrant people.

I was worried but I arrived safely at the bus stop nearest the airport. The bus fare was 0.350 dinars (about 100 yen) in total.

3 hours before flight.

I will head to Kuwait, the next country.

In this trip I booked an inn in advance, search for the coordinates of the inn, enter the coordinates of the inn on the GPS, confirm the move from the airport to the inn, and so on. If you know only the coordinates, there will be various applications, so it seems that you can do the same with smartphones.

Coordinates exist in all places. There is no hand that does not make good use of this.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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