USJ's new restaurant "Three brooms" that can be eaten while looking up at Hogwarts Castle with Harry Pota world cuisine

New area of ​​USJ (Universal Studios Japan) opened on July 15, 2014 "Wizarding World of Harry Potter"Hogwarts castleJourney through the world of Harry Potter "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey"And the flying creatures of the magical world"Flight of the HippogriffAttractions such as. At the foot of Hogwarts castle is "Hogsmead Village"Spreads, selling magical sweets"Honey Dukes"And can purchase the staff that the movie characters are usingOlivander's shop"In addition to the restaurant which reproduced the dish of the magical world"Three brooms"there is.

What is Wizarding World of Harry Potter? | Introduction of attraction park | USJ

This is the restaurant "Three brooms" in Hogsmead village of USJ

Three brooms are on display at the top of the entrance.

The magical world food "Great · Feast" that can be eaten with three brooms was the thing of the philosopher of the first work of the series, Harry Potters who ate in Hogwarts.

In addition to the above-mentioned dishes, an extra large garden salad is attached to the Great · Feast and it becomes 4 servings in all, the price is 7600 yen.

Smoked chicken, steamed corn elsewhere.

In addition, four poker spare ribs come with it.

"English breakfast" that appeared in prisoners of Azkaban

Besides sausages, hams, baked beans, baked tomatoes in scrambled eggs ......

Mushrooms and roast potatoes ......

It is 1650 yen including tax with croissants.

In Hogwarts limited express, when Harry met Ron for the first time, "Corn beef sandwich" Ron had eaten was 750 yen.

The magical world drink "Butter beer" Harry Ron Hermione was drinking is a sweet drink that can be drunk even if it is called beer. The price is 500 yen with tax included in paper cups, entrance to the mug where they will be brought back is 1000 yen including tax.

This is "Harley and Hermione" Crofit Roll "ate with Professor Horas Slaghorn

Crofit roll is 1400 yen including tax.

Toast of bread which is frequently eaten at Hogwart's breakfast is 6 pieces and it is 700 yen including tax.

In the real world you can never eat gorgeous magical world cuisines.

The experience of eating the dish while looking up at the Hogwarts castle is definitely a priceless one.

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