A map showing McDonald's's open store at a glance

McDonald's has been expanding its chain in the whole world and is popular in many countries, but there are cases where there are areas that have not yet advanced yet and there are cases where you can not eat McDonald's hamburger at a travel destination.

Because it will not be such a thing, there seems to be a diagram that you can see at a glance the area with and without McDonald's. In addition to that, the number of shops in each country and the ranking of the price of Big Mac are also listed.

Image is from below.
McDonald's across the world

OANDA, The Currency Site: Foreign Exchange Services and Trading

A figure that shows at a glance which McDonald's this is in.

Expand the map part. The red one is the area where McDonald's is opening, and the blue one is not opened. A blue spot stands out on the continent of Africa. Despite having already opened stores in neighboring countries like China and Russia, I am also concerned about not being opened in Mongolia.

Next, the top 6 countries with a large number of stores. After all the difference in the difference between the authentic US and the authentic. Japan also ranked second in a majestic way with more than twice as much difference to Canada as third.

Finally the top 5 countries with high Big Mac prices. Norway is the top with 7 dollars and 18 cents (651 yen). The average price in Japan is 320 yen, which is about the same price range as the US (5 dollars 57 cents (about 323 yen)) in the fifth place.

By the way, you can check the price of Big Mac in each country on the following site.
FXBigMac - World economics based on the hamburger standard

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