The country that has oil, the world map that you know the country you are using

I can imagine the amount of oil used to some extent according to the economic scale of the country, but I think that the reserves are difficult to understand for some countries. The shape of the world map is quite irregular. In addition, it is becoming clear to understand oil consumption in terms of color.

Details are as follows. I think that the size of Saudi Arabia is unusual. Surprisingly there are few Americas Americas. When it reaches the continent of Africa, it is shrinking. The oil consumption of the day seems to be America, which is a tough, Japan and China.
Who has the oil?

Details of the top countries of oil reserves, production volume and consumption are as follows.
Reserves: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates
Production volume: Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA, Iran, Mexico
Consumption: America, China, Japan, Russia, Germany
Top ten countries of world oil reserves, production volume and oil consumption (2005) (PDF)

Japan seems to import oil almost from the Middle East in the order of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait.
Trends in import volume of crude oil by country (PDF) PDF

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