What is the ranking of Japan, where a ranking will be announced that compares mobile communication charges per 1GB in 228 countries around the world?

Since most mobile data usage fees are in 1GB units, some call the contracted communication capacity and the remaining amount '

Giga .' If you look at the 'Results of mobile data price surveys in 228 countries around the world' released by British telecommunications company Cable.co.uk, you can see how much 'Giga' is in each country, including Japan.

Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing League | Cost of 1GB in 230 countries-Cable.co.uk

In the map below created by Cable.co.uk, countries with higher communication charges per 1GB are displayed in darker colors.

India was the cheapest of the 228 countries, with an average price of $0.09 per GB (about 10 yen). As to why mobile data in India is so cheap, Cable.co.uk said, “India has a large young population, high technology awareness, and the smartphone market is active and fiercely competitive. The data is provided surprisingly cheaply.'

Japan ranks at 137th, a slightly higher category. The average price per GB was 3.91 dollars (about 413 yen), the lowest price was 1.07 dollars (about 113 yen), and the highest price was 41.97 dollars (about 4444 yen).

Below is the graph of 'Top 5 countries with the lowest mobile data per 1GB' including India mentioned above. The concentric graphs are from the inside, India ($0.09), Israel ($0.11/about 11 yen), Kyrgyz ($0.21/about 22 yen), Italy ($0.43/about 45 yen), Ukraine ($0.46/about) 48 yen).

On the other hand, worst 5 is below. From the inside, the graph is Sao Tome and Principe ($28.26/about 2990 yen), Bermuda (28.75/about 3042 yen), Nauru (30.47/about 3224 yen), Falkland Islands ($40.41/about 4276 yen), It's from St. Helena Island ($52.5/about 5555 yen).

Since the worst five countries are all island nations, Cable.co.uk said, ``Because there are few cases where optical fiber infrastructure is laid in island countries and more expensive satellite communications etc. have to be introduced, Consumers are responsible for the costs.'

The results are shown below for each region, not for each country. When the areas with the highest average price per 1GB of mobile data are arranged in order, North America ($14.71/about 1556 yen), Oceania ($7.85/about 830 yen), Caribbean region ($7.19/about 760 yen) ,

Sub-Saharan Africa (6.91 dollars/about 731 yen), South America (5.8 dollars/about 613 yen), Near East (4.46 dollars/about 471 yen), Eastern Europe (3.42 dollars/about 361 yen), Central America ($3.24/ About 342 yen), Western Europe ($3.13/about 331 yen), Baltic countries ($2.31/about 244 yen), Asia excluding the Near East ($2.28/about 241 yen), Russia and other independent state communities ($2.16/ Approximately 228 yen) and North Africa ($2.06/about 218 yen).

Cable.co.uk said about the North America region where mobile data prices are the most expensive. 'The United States and Canada, which are the richest countries in the world, have an average price of 8 dollars per GB (about 846 yen: 188th place) ) And 12.55 dollars (about 1328 yen: 209th place), respectively, which are considerably lower in the rankings on their own. In addition, Bermuda, which is a part of North America, is the worst 4, and Greenland is $ 9.56 (about 1011). There are only one mobile service provider in these regions located in the Arctic Circle,” said the two advanced North American countries and the less competitive Arctic countries in the North American region. I pointed out that I increased the communication charge of.

As for Asian countries including Japan, 'One third of the top 20 cheapest countries in the world, including India, which has the lowest mobile data cost in the world, is actually one-third. On the other hand, it may be surprising that mobile data charges in technologically advanced countries are the highest in the world, such as South Korea, which has an average price of $10.94 per GB (about 1157 yen), as well as Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It was the country with the highest mobile data in Asia.”

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