Web service "Time.is" that can display the time of cities around the world easily and casually with simple layout

There are many services to check the standard time of the city in order to match the time of the watch to the local time when traveling abroad but you can easily search and register the standard time of various cities around the world, it is simple and easy to see at one time You can display "Time.isIt is very convenient.

Time.is - accurate time, any time of day

To use Time.is, just click on the above URL and open the page of Time.is. Using the location information obtained from the network, the time of the place where you are, the sunrise, and the sunset time are displayed.

Since Time.is displays information for a while on a single page, you can basically scroll horizontally and check the information.

Information displayed is "time zone" ... ...

"Time difference" which shows the time difference with various locations ... ...

With map information ......

Major city name of the country. In addition, major city names are displayed in different sizes for each population size.

To change the place name, click the icon of the registered place below and it is OK.

It is like this when in London.

New York

Beijing. You can display the time of the world city crisply lightly.

To check cities other than the registered place, click on the text box at the upper right of the screen and enter the text.

Text If the city you entered is registered, a button will appear below the text box so clicking ...

The time of the city is displayed. Since there is one standard time in Japan, there is no merit to change the city name in terms of time.

However, with the map information, the prefectural office's location, latitude / longitude, population are correctly displayed.

Some municipalities do not have population display in some cases.

Time.is can search overseas cities in Japanese.

It seems that major city levels in each country are being followed ......

It seems that it can not be searched if it is a too minor city.

It is also possible to register cities. When you click "Add to favorite spot" in "Time zone" ......

It is registered under the time display.

Time.is has an iOS application, but it is available only for iPad and it seems that it can not be used on iPhone.

However, since it is displayable in the browser, it seems that you can use it without problems by bookmarking it.

Since Time.is is a simple layout and there are so many registered cities, it seems that Time.is can be said to be a very convenient service for those traveling abroad frequently.

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