Sell ​​the ashes of her husband's former wife at a garage sale

A woman in New York sells her ashes of her husband's wife as a garage sale for 58 cents (about 68 yen), which seems to be a bit of a fuss with her husband.

Details are as below.
Woman sells ashes of first wife

Terrence Lewis' wife Anita Lewis has sold pottery pots containing the ashes of the former wife as a woman who wishes to use it as a cookie jar for 58 cents (about 68 yen). The place is a garage sale to be held at the weekend, and the husband is sleeping while going home at home. The pot containing the ashes was big and sold quickly despite being unable to remove the lid.

Mr. Terrence's wife was collecting fonts, so the couple's house was full of pots, "There were no marks in the pot containing the ashes," Anita said the couple It seems that a woman who bought a pot wants to find the inside ash and return it.

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