It is wider than China, the United States and Europe combined, this is the real African size

Many elementary school students in America think that America is the widest in the world (actually the fourth largest area in the world), and the population is estimated to be between 1 billion and 2 billion people (actually more than 300 million people in fact). Even college students in Europe and Asia are often confused when asked "What is this country and this country is wide?"

Although there are words such as "literary tone deafness" and "mathematical tone deafening", "geographical tone deafness" may be a little embarrassing as an adult. However, it is widely usedMercator projectionWorld maps such as world map such as maps that distort the way the area appears due to latitude is not surprisingly large even for adults who have the wrong image about the area of ​​the world countries.

The figure entitled "True Size of Africa" ​​clearly shows that the Africa continent is much wider than I thought, and I did not realize "geographical tone deafness" It seems that we are dropping the scales from the eyes of the people.

Details are as below.True-size-of-africa.jpg (JPEG image, 2482 x 1755 px)

This is the real size of Africa. Combination of America, Europe, China, India, Japan like a puzzle fits perfectly.

America and Africa.

China and Africa.

Europe and Africa.

India and Africa.

Japan and Africa.

Looking at numbers like this. The area of ​​Africa is slightly wider than the total area of ​​18 countries of China, the United States, India, Mexico, Peru, France, Spain, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Norway, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Nepal, Bangladesh, Greece it's dark.

The best area of ​​the world countries is like this. It may be common sense that Russia is number one, but is not it that there are many people who said that Brazil is wider than Australia and was a bit surprising?

By the way, the area of ​​Japan is 379,794 square kilometers, 61st in the world.

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