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It is no longer a trivial reason that Japanese anime and manga are sprinkled all over the world as a cultural invasion and it is as familiar as Japanese imaginable around the world. And of course, people drawn in Japan's so-called anime-like picture drawing also increase by don. However, something is different if you compare what you drew overseas and what the people who draw in Japan compare. However, amateurs can not distinguish the reason why they are different.

So, first of all, a list of differences.
1. The composition is different
One of the things that can not be taught in Japanese art classes and which is not taught thoroughly whether going to art school or going to beautiful is "golden ratio". Moe picture painted by overseas is almost exceptional composition faithful to the golden ratio, so there is no strange but there is a sense of stability.

2. How to highlight is different
Japanese movies, overseas movies, the cameras used are the same, but the image to be completed is the difference between the clouds. The cause is lighting. Even with a pitch dark scene, I use a tremendous number of lights to add more shadows and express the darkness. Even if it is the same as Moe painting, the darkest part and the brightest part, that is, how to insert highlights are different. For example, the part like "Angel 's Waka" that light is reflected on the hair is prominent. It is not possible to express as a splendid expression because it is considered which direction the light is supposed to go from.

3. Color composition
You can tell by looking at the above tutorial image, but I try trial painting in order to set the color very finely, I mix it in the same way as painting with paint, you can see that the combination of colors is very stiff . This is an incredibly simple story, because we are making colors faithfully to the basic combination of colors.

4. 3D configuration
Naturally, if the camera focuses on the one in front, the one in the back blurs. Human eyes are also the same. Nevertheless, if you put the line clearly in the same way both in front and back for reasons to say that it is a picture, it makes you feel like having everything focused and it brings an unusual feeling. It is clearly understood how to draw the background of the creation method that is also attentive to such a point.

5. Human sketch
Despite being in manga or anime style, I can not see any omission on the human body part. Is not it an ordinary body? It is nothing other than saying that the skill of drawing is excellent as much. On top of that I am deforming anime style in a nice way.

There are not many people in Japan who have skill so far even if they are professional, even professional. If it is cartoonistic expression of only black and white, it is a first class product, but borrows come out as soon as it becomes a color manuscript. First things that I am not used to. Do not study the foundation. And there is no time to perfectly accomplish. Therefore, it will definitely be incomplete ....

When judging the skill which draws from such a point of view, it is thought that the method of drawing the three-dimensional space born in Japan to a two-dimensional plane and drawing it by the hands of overseas people who doubt whether it is planar phobia to use Perspective perspective as barbari I understand exactly what modifications are being made and it makes me happy just by watching it.

For example, Kore is a Japanese anime-style picture that makes use of retrograde expressions that we can not see before

The expression method of clothing cloth clearly makes full use of drawing method and perspective

Other tutorials will be available for Iloilo.

It seems to be beautifully clean on the desk. Well, that's about making such a tutorial ...

I refuse, but this person is very skillfully excellant, everyone is not saying that everyone is this level .... However, the top holders of the skills are much greater than those of Japan, definitely. I think that it would be the strongest if only Japanese paintings were used for the Japanese original work.

Viva Japanese culture.

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