A beautiful girl turns into a famous player of football and is outrageous

It is an image that a Chinese girl is transforming into a famous soccer player.

Features are grasping, but because it has become quite a bit of a transformation, there are things that you do not know for a moment who you are.

Details are from the following.
Beautiful girl stroke cosplay pedigree giant star similarity amazing _ 网络 sports figurine

Lionel Messi. In Chinese it seems to be written as "Meishi". It's just like wearing a uniform ... ....

RonaldoDrastic change in.

Zinedine Zidane. The feeling that I am indulging in something is sorry.

Ronaldinho. The atmosphere is quite close to the person himself.

Roberto Baggio. The beard is a completely controlled prop.

Taribo West. Something like an alien.

Jibrile · Cisse. The pattern of the head is reproduced in real.

Edgar Davids. It might be pretty cute.

Carles Pujol. Such a girl seems to be seen normally in town.

It is a hat off to her guts.

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