A picture of a dog that is supposed to be like a costume grand prize

A dog is dressed in various costumes.

I tried wearing the same clothes that people are wearing, trying to be a character of a movie, and it looks like a costume grand prix.

Details are as follows.
Airplane dog.

I tried growing an angel 's feathers.

I am wearing Fanta's PET bottle.

A dog wearing jeans. As it is still different from human beings, it is a bit irrational.

Even in costumes it's nothing, but it's very cute.

Afro dog.

It is like a watchdog "Kerberos" in hell with three heads.

This is just a hot dog.

Batman and Superman.

I tried putting feathers of peacock.

Yoda dog of Star Wars.

Also, Batman. My eyes are sharp.

The dogs who are dressed are worried about how they feel.

The original picture is on the link below.

It's Knuttz - Dogs in Costumes

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