One figure that understands all of the environment "Blogosphere" surrounding Japan and the world's blog

Total number of blogs confirmed, Top 10 popular blogs in the world, Top 10 popular blogs in Japan,BlogosphereThe actual situation of the blogosphere, the language used of the blogosphere, the income of bloggers, etc. SEO information portal site "SEO Japan"Has been released. It is quite easy to understand what the current situation and the environment surrounding blogs and blogs are at the moment.

Current status of blog as of 2010 is as follows.
Info graphic showing the current state of the blogosphere with a single picture >> SEO Japan

First of all this is the total number of blogs, 146,662,859,888

The top 10 popular blogs by world of technorati look like this

Top 10 popular blogs by authority are like this

The fact of this blogosphere is quite interesting. 67% for men and 33% for women. The age ranges from 35 to 44 at most, 29%, the next is 25% at 25 to 34 years old, followed by 21% at 45 to 54 years of age, It seems that it is received by older age group.

According to the language used, Japanese is even better than English and finished first.

And this is the income of bloggers. It is information of the United States rather than Japan, and the United States TechnoratiState of the Blogosphere 2009It is based on the questionnaire result of the. Overseas professional blogger is amazing, is not it?

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