College advancement rate and graduation rate of OECD member countries

It is said that Japan is about to enter the whole university soon, but the rate of advance to university seems to be less than 50%.OECD (Economic Cooperation and Development Organization)I was astonished a bit to be lower than the average of.

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According to this article, it was issued by the OECD on 18thEducation at a Glance 2006In the report, the university graduation rate of the wealthy country increased by 12% in the decade of 1995-2005, and more people are qualified for university graduation.

Australia is prominent, both the advancement rate and the graduation rate are high. However, I am amazed at the high school attendance rate in Poland and the low graduation rate in Germany. In the United States, the enrollment rate is high, but it seems that it will be greatly depressed (graduated) by graduation.

It seems that the figures vary depending on statistical methods and institutions.
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