The additional charge to the heavy users of the net has become reality

Previously at GIGAZINE, by using a video distribution service such as YouTube, we exchanged a lot of video data and so on, and for users who are causing "net congestion"The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications accepts the communication speed regulation and regulation is done from the beginning of the yearWe talked about that, but there are also some possibilities for heavy users to be charged not only for communication but also for additional charges.

Details are as follows.
"Additional charge to heavy users of the net?", Internet neutral friends of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will release a report soon: ITpro

According to this article, at the eighth meeting of the "network neutrality meeting on September 19" conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on September 19, a modified draft report was submitted with consideration given to the public about.

In the report, it is assumed that there is a reasonable basis for additional charge to heavy users after separating occupation of traffic (traffic) by heavy users and rich content distribution by content providers such as YouTube , The additional charge should be judged separately, and it is summarized that it is necessary to sufficient explanation to the user.

In addition, payment of additional fee to the ISP (Internet service provider) by the content provider is thought to be able to set a fee competitively through negotiation between the two, so it is appropriate to pay additional charges in principle It seems that they should be left to consultation between parties.

In other words, although it is necessary to judge individually and explain it sufficiently, there is a possibility that additional charges will be made to heavy users in the future as additional charges for heavy users themselves are properly founded There seems to be no problem even thought ....

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