Graph the relationship between university degree and income

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The income of young people between the ages of 25 and 34 was said to be more than 22% difference between university graduates and others in the United States in 1972, but the income difference will be 70% in 2015 The results of investigation that it is open up to have been issued. The UK news media · The Economist is analyzing what income earned by college graduates has in relation to the rank of graduated university and the degree of acquisition acquired.

It depends what you study, not where | The Economist

Research companyPayScaleIn the latest report of the university, we calculate the ROI for the degree to be obtained taking into account the salary that you can earn for the lifetime after graduating from the university, the tuition fee of the university, and financial aid money.

As a result of the survey, graduates of engineering department, computer science department, mathematics department have the most income and it is proved that the income earned in 20 years from graduation is 112% on average on the average. Also, the rank of the university that graduated did not have much to do with the income, and graduates who acquired an engineering degree at the average ranked college are not different from income even when compared with graduates of high ranking universities.

The faculty of commerce and the department of economics, like the undergraduate of engineering, have high income, and the average income is about 108.7% of the tuition fee. On the other hand, with regard to undergraduate schools, PayScale analyzes that "you can acquire knowledge but actual income is low."

By averaging the incomes of graduates by undergraduate, it is clear that the undergraduate faculties shown in red in the graph have a higher income of about 5% than the department of undergraduate studies in blue.

PayScale announced that it is worth "what kind of learning he learned" not "what graduation did you graduate", "The student who is concerned about the future income is not the rank of the university, We should carefully choose the type of department. "


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