"WikiCharts" showing the best 100 articles on Wikipedia

We automatically summarize and display the top 100 most frequently read articles. As of now, it seems that Wikipedia such as English version, German version, French version etc is automatically calculated. I also want Japanese version.

It is very interesting to understand that it seems to be the current time like you see the top items.

Details are as follows. Not only the best 100 but also the best 1000 is possible.
WikiCharts - Top 100

This is the case of the top 1000.

WikiCharts - Top 1000

In Japan it goes through goo's search results, but there is a daily ranking. It is not a number that was seen, but because it is a summary of Wikipedia search of goo, the meaning is different, but it is an interesting result.

Goo Wikipedia article search - daily ranking - goo ranking

Also, it seems that Wikipedia Japanese version has achieved 250 thousand items at 13:25 on Monday, August 28, 2006.

Slashdot Japan | Wikipedia Japanese version achieves 250,000 items

The English version has achieved 1 million items on March 1, 2006.

Wikipedia, English version registration items to 1 million cases - CNET Japan

Chinese version of Wikipedia also exists, but the access from China domestically is regulated from June 2004 as well, and the state where Wikipedia of Chinese version and English version can not be browsed continues ... ... When it is seen so much Is it bad?

ITmedia News: Chinese government blocking access to Chinese Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a so-called encyclopedia, and there is another word "Wiktionary" with respect to the dictionary.


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