The authorities changed the policy to "illegal" treatment of VPN which enabled free net in China, shock to the local Japanese as well

ByLisa Williams

January 22, 2017, the Chinese authorities announced a policy to crack down on Internet communications which is not permitted by the government. In this crackdown, China's famous Internet regulation "Gold shield"Or" Great Firewall "network was avoided to enable free net connectionVPN(Virtual private network) is also included, the free net environment in China becomes even more severe.

China tightens Great Firewall by declaring unauthorized VPN services illegal | South China Morning Post

Forget Xi's 'defense' of globalization. China just fortified the Great Firewall. - The Washington Post

China just made VPNs illegal

It is a ministry of information and communications in ChinaIndustrial Information Technology DepartmentSaid on Wednesday that it is impossible to implement a campaign to crack down on unauthorized connection services, saying, "There are indications that the Internet connection service market in China is being cluttered and urgent regulation and management is necessary" Announced. This measure will be started on the same day and will be implemented for 14 months through March 31, 2018.

The VPN connection service is hit by this measure. Internet connection with foreign countries is strictly regulated in China, so 135 of the major 1000 sites in the world can not access 135 sites including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. In order to avoid this situation, it was VPN connection service that foreigners living in China, as well as local people, are using the service seeking access to a free net.

In the data of 2014, China is the third largest VPN utilization rate in the world after Vietnam and Indonesia.

Where is the country with the most number of users of highly anonymous VPN users in the world? - GIGAZINE

In China, the ratio of VPN users to the number of Internet users is 20%, lower than 22% in Vietnam and Indonesia. However, due to China with a huge population, the actual number of users reaches 93 million.

With this measure, the act called "overtaking" to avoid government regulation seems to be devastatingly damaged. In addition, ripples spread among Japanese living in China. Although the use of VPN service is common in China to use overseas sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, it is expected that free access will be severely restricted by this measure.

China to ban the VPN full of evasion of net regulation, shadow to Japanese living in China ... - Record China

Although it is a net regulation by the government which is hard to think in Japan, in fact there are many countries in which the connection of the Internet is blocked every time like Russia, Egypt, Cuba, Turkey, etc. There are many in the world The data that 2 net users are using restricted Internet, too. Although it is the Internet which can be used as usual in Japan, in reality it can be realized that it is a precious existence when seen in the world.

Two thirds of Internet users all over the world are living in government censorship - GIGAZINE

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